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  Our Animal Medical Intuition is essentially a focus we add to the basic MIT program. Most mammals, and birds too, share a lot of physical biological characteristics with humans. This helps us to relate our information towards animals for those who have that focus, or interest. Even more precisely, the way we use our X-Ray vision technique works identically on animals as it does on humans. You will see the structures in the same way, but particularly important is that the energy reactions we perceive in the body shown as spectrums of color are the same for humans and animals.


There is an additional necessity when working with animals, though. And this will pertain to communication. Animals do have a means of communication, though humans are few who can pick up on it. Animals use the same method that Nature People and that Angels use - telepathy. What works out beautifully for this course is that we are specifically working with a visible energy in the MIT course that has as a facet of it, telepathy. For those with the animal MIT interest, we will go beyond just the visible physical characteristics and take advantage of the telepathy element, so you can understand the animal's condition, reaction, and even predictive recovery. 


The Power to Heal is in Your Hands

An extraordinary claim

Animal Medical Intuition will draw directly from the basic MIT course, but it will include additional training to help you mentally communicate with animals using a pseudo-psychic technique called Telepathy.

Those who have taken our SOAR course may have already learned the telepathic means of communications. It must be taught as only a few people draw on this ability naturally. There is a way to do this, and this is exactly what you will be taught when you chose to include the ANIMAL MIT focus. Just as we bring in real humans to perform some exercises on, humans with REAL health conditions - we will include actual animals in the demonstrations and exercises.


THIS IS A NEVER BEFORE OFFERED ADDENDUM TO MIT that is not/has not been offered anywhere in the country. In this single MIT Course, you have the options of working/focusing just with humans, or you can add the animal element. Same Price.


MYST of the ORACLE Corporation

Training is a service of Myst of the Oracle.  The main site indicates the many services offered, and the locations of Christian's appearances.


Is Your Veterinarian Guessing

  …they may not have a lot of choice.


But you do!  You will not only to see directly into your pet or animal, but you will gain another amazing skill which allows you to communicate with them.  This will require you to learn a new way of thinking, just as the MIT training requires you to learn a new way of seeing.  Regardless, the course lends itself wonderfully to include animal related telepathic communication training.


Are You The Next Horse Whisperer?


You Could Be! Horses have a greater telepathic ability than most mammals, in addition to having an innate interest in understanding humans. Often, they have a need to really have you understand them - this could never be truer than when they are discomforted.


Though they share much of their anatomy with humans, the way they use their bodies and live their lives are quite different. So, although the commonality of ailments is not the same, those particular ailments that arise are viewed, diagnosed and addressed in similar ways - not exactly, but similarly.


Getting beyond this hump is where the telepathy comes in. Your visible insight can be augmented with some simple communication. But it actually can get much better than this. Horses too have a sub-conscious, and an inherent psychic ability. It is possible TRY OUT possible remedies and solutions at the psychic level to have a perception of their bodily reactions before you attempt your wellness process.


AND WHILE YOUR TALKING, why not start off introducing a Preventative Medicine dialogue at the onset and learn to care for your horse BEFORE they have ailments?


MOO 've Over Horsey

If you are the Old McDonald type, having a horse or two is not going to cut it.  No, you'll start adding cows, pigs and an assortment of fowl.  The whole farm can benefit from your new Animal MIT skill set - remember, Mammals and birds share a lot of anatomy and biology with humans.

Cows can be a particularly warm and friendly type of animal, and in many cases there is a bond created with this animal and their caretakers.  They have thoughts, though they draw from a small frame of reference.  This fits right in with our Telepathic technique, because it takes SIMPLE for it to work.  The less complicated you can make things the easier it will be to communicate with your animals telepathically.

All animal types are different from one another, too .... a cow simply does not live the life of a horse.  This will be used to narrow down your communication to even simpler levels and should allow you to ascertain the various health concerns we have with cows.  Who knows, ...they might even complain about the grass, or convey the overabundance of stress being imposed upon their busy schedules.  LOL  It is all relative.  But, something related to digestion, or even parasites and pests might be the typical complaint down on the farm, too.


They Won't Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes Anymore

It all seems like kids playing in the meadow to most observers, but all that activity gives sheep their own special assortment of ailments and calamities.  They can contract an entire slew of diseases, for examples.  Though named differently, they actually have correlations to human conditions.  

Sheep can be more physically sensitive than humans, which can suggest we have particular focus on their liver.  Vaccinations might be more a necessity for sheep.  Contamination is a concern with these animals.  You will still have all the means to detect these conditions, which can lead to an earlier treatment and a healthier farm.  Healthier humans is also always a concern, and your new skill set goes very far to insure this.

Sheep don't complain much, but this doesn't mean they don't have complaints.  Their playful nature makes them perfect candidates for telepathic communications - just as you can tell there is something wrong with your regular kids, you can detect changes with sheep.  We're all one big happy family - let's keep it that way.


Won't You Please Help?

Oh the emotions - more than most animals your canines will exhibit the most emotional reactions.  THEY FEEL!  Therefore, in Animal MIT we put a particular emphasis on Telepathy when working with dogs.  They are a breed of animal that expects to eat, sleep, play and GET ATTENTION.  They want all of it, and so interpret most things that go on in their world as a reflection on them.  The good news is that they have some of the greatest abilities when it comes to telepathic communication.

Yet, they are a mammal too, and so have their own particular assortment of physical concerns.  The advantage the Animal MIT practitioner has is that their vision and telepathy can most easily be put to good use with dogs.  Understand that dogs want to GIVE BACK.  This is very evident in their response to your expert medical administrations using our Medical Intuition techniques.  Issues can be analyzed, diagnosed and remedied rather quickly.  He or she will instantly let you know how much they appreciate you, AND will develop a heightened ability to communicate with you in physical ways.  You will almost certainly develop the sense that THEY CAN READ MY MIND!  They can.  What a great team you two will  make.


Look. I Know I Have Nine Lives, But Can We Do This In One Take?

As intelligent and independent as felines are, their curiosity can get the best of them.  They can get into all sorts of trouble, and WHO ARE THEY GOING TO CALL?  That would be you.  Their Telepathic ability borders on direct psychism so there is a great chance that your Cat's thoughts will become quite familiar to you.  And this can lead to fast and effective treatments when they share the ailments that occur in their bodies.  At that stage, THEY ARE REACHING OUT.  They know you can make the pain and discomfort go away, AND YOU CAN.  With cats, everything is basically a communication problem.  Use your special MIT vision to go in and validate things, and your kitten will be up to snuff in no time.  


Nature Spirit Element

MIT Shows You Health is NOT Inherent In You

It will come as a surprise to most that your Health IS NOT a component of you.  Health is a product and function of Nature itself.  Those that ARE of nature imbue it into us prior to our birth.  This is the fantastical part - it is the actual purpose of Nature People.  Gnomes, in particular, utilize the nine months of your birth to "Build You".  In such processes, their ability to create "Pranna" by mixing the energy of the Physical Plane with that of the Astral Plane is how we get the result, and AEtheric Health Body.  This is where our health comes from.

The fantastic advantage of our class is that since we must work with this very same energy to achieve our X-Ray vision, and our Telepathy also, WE SEE THEM.  In every MIT class we've taught students begin seeing Nature People/Nature Spirits - simply because we have learned to vibrate at this energetic level.  So we are able to put a deliberate focus on both seeing these peoples and animals, we show you how to communicate with them.  THEY can help you understand the health nature of yourself, and what will best work for you as a remedy.  They are aligned with animals, and so, we include it in the Animal focus.  Learn to use Nature People to add the third great element to our unique MIT program.  This Nature Spirit Element is new as a discussion point of MIT, and it begins with the 2019 MIT course.  You'll want to sign up now.

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MIT Course Review

The Big Picture


THE MIT COURSE SERIES is personally conducted by Master Clairvoyant and Master Medical Intuitive, Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D.. Christian TOREN is notable as one of the only two Master Clairvoyants in the world. Although he has worked in over 25 countries, his current focus is in America.  Ergo, there is only one place to go to learn his discovery.

The MIT program will develop a unique form of Psychic development, as this will allow for an almost instantaneous indication of the key underlying problem the body itself is trying to heal; However, a proprietary technique must be introduced to produce that instantaneous result.  Every human will naturally want to believe this form of medical intuition is impossible - THIS is what the class has to focus on the most, helping you get out of your own way.  The rest is revealing a God-given ability that requires training primarily for proficiency.

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. will be your sole instructor.  You will therefore be learning directly from the Master.  He will be lecturing and demonstrating amazing abilities to see inside the body with an inherent X-Ray type vision that is preexistent in humans.  This is both a scientific and medical fact, but they have dismissed it as an ability that had a specific use that applied to the old world.  BIG MISTAKE!.  Like almost all the wisdom of the ancient world, its real value has been lost due to migrations to the various continents back during the Age of Discovery.  Christian Toren thinks its time to make today the NEW Age of Discovery.

We also have a special ANIMAL MIT edition.  Click image to see that focus instead.

We also have a special ANIMAL MIT edition.  Click image to see that focus instead.


Seeing Beyond the Obvious

LEARN IN ONE LONG WEEKEND: The MIT Course is delivered in three classes. Each level is carefully designed to create a foundation for the subsequent levels. A one-day class comprises a fully-functional level of development resulting in a professional standard of operation. Completion of all three makes you a Master in Medical Intuition.


BE THE TOP IN YOUR FIELD: You will be performing REAL work, with REAL results – this is not entertainment-class medical intuition but the genuine ability to ascertain situations, diagnose, and advise the client. The skill level attained will place you at the top tier in the wellness field, if you complete all three levels. You will be the best – the very best. Enjoy the success and prosperity of a Master-class professional.

LIMITED OPPORTUNITY: If you want to learn this field, there has never been a better single opportunity than through this Master Medical Intuition course with world renown expert Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. Christian only takes in a small number of students in the MIT series.

If you are ready for this Opportunity, you can click to Order.  Or, see day-by-day details below.

If you are ready for this Opportunity, you can click to Order.  Or, see day-by-day details below.


Hats Off To You

You're the Real Deal.

You can forget the scrubs, and you are not going to need any sage, candles or hot rocks.  You can let your gray hair grow out, our you can be a San Francisco fashion statement - THE CHOICE IS YOURS.  Our MIT Graduate skills are based on techniques that are universal and they do not require any New Age, Zen, or modality thinking or accountramenss.  That said, you can continue to rent a corner at the local crystal store, or open your office in downtown Manhattan, or Phoenix - again, all this is your choice.  Work when you want, where your want and how you want - THERE IS NO IDENTITY to this work.  It is a learnable skill set, it is that simple.

However, given the extensiveness or an MIT's abilities, this can be a lucrative field of endeavor.  You are going to be able to accomplish things that others who call themselves Medical Intuitives couldn't even image doing.  We like our graduates to be successful.  We WANT you to take the big jobs, the hard jobs, the impossible jobs, and even those that baffle doctors.  That said, "Success" might be the style you are looking for.  Try out your new look

Click into the course details for day one.  Or, select the day you would like to review below.

Click into the course details for day one.  Or, select the day you would like to review below.








Begin development of your True Vision.

Differentiation and the power of using gray.

Bring psychic direction into your viewing.

Color training.

Color as an indicator in the body.

Color distinctions and their meaning.

Quick location of affected areas.

Learn to magnify, adjust.

See Bones in the body.

See structure in the body.

 See conditions of the body.

Learn multiple ways to validate results.  We must give accurate information..







Where to look, and why.

How to look, for most expedient results.

True Vision  enhancement.

Seeing the effect of nerve activity.

Detect scar tissue, surgeries, dead cells.

Ascertain age of conditions.

See organs in the body.

 Diagnose organ condition.

Don't be afraid of seeing Cancer, HIV and current hot-button issues.  

Differentiate between a normal and abnormal condition.







  True vision tuning to see microscopically.

See into the blood and diagnose conditions.

Detect Bacteria, Fungus, Virus conditions.

Are any health issues hiding?  Find them.

Whatever it is we can probably alleviate the condition.  Our contributions can save an organ, prevent an operation, fast-track healing.

Review 96 most common health conditions and how we can detect, diagnose and remedy them.

Seeing what doctors are missing.