Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level Development


The Elements of Magic Already Exist

It is the Magician that comes and goes. But is the Magician an average man, or [one chosen] by virtue of their inherent potential to meet the formidable tasks of the time in ways so clever that the Heroes of the day perceive “Virtue” as the most distinguishing attribute of any age?

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The power to wield nascent phenomena, however, takes a greatness that only comes by once every couple of centuries. Fortunately, though, there are always a few "great ones" out there to keep the art alive. One doesn’t have to seek them, “they find their way” to the need. Their own life is a great journey worthy of its own story destiny, for somehow this temporary mortal must have foreseen their own potential and sought to find the great Master who awaits the task of helping them unfold. They must discover in that great passage that ensued that there is “no such thing as impossible,” only their impetuous recklessness in perfecting the skill. Such unruliness’ eventually leads to “perfection” itself, the only expedient force.

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If you want a definition of what would make a great Magician, you have only to look at the defining characteristics that we revere, whether we consider them real or fictional – how would you know?

Merlin of the King Arthur legend sets the quintessential standard by which we establish “greatness.” Notice how he is the pivotal character in every storyline, tale to tale, regardless his powers or presented persona. Wizards and warlocks, sorceresses and witches - to name but some unique designations – all have the premise that the ONLY ONE who has true attunement to the forces of Creation is Merlin. One must ask, IS HE an actual evolving human, or some [protector] of the “great ones” of each emerging eon of civilization?

Gandalf of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy is today’s most popular recreation of Merlin. The story STILL brings in a “Middle-Earth”, kingdoms abound everywhere, and someone is always vying to be the day’s hero – which the Magician must mentor. These would be key elements of a great magician. But pay attention and you see that the magician has extensive knowledge of history, and what is history if we do not bring in geography? Knowledge belies everything. His mysterious ways seem more an attempt to keep his unfathomable powers a mere perception, and therefore always a mystery. Is HE the magic, or is it his great knowledge of the ways of things? Yet another inference that the true Wizard is well beyond the discernment of evolving humans.

It is inescapable in modern times for humans to avoid the necessary wisdom. Through one story or another, this parable or that, a philosophy or through a role model – WE ALL MUST LEARN that there be great wizards out there. In this current reality everyone knows of Glinda the Good Witch, for everyone has seen the Wizard of Oz every Easter and Passover of their childhood. Is THAT TOO an important element of this story?

Glinda the Good Witch of the North in the film classic (or of the South) in the written version, is the most powerful magic maker in all of Oz. Other powerful witches and beings abound in various colors for effect, but Glinda true to form fights for some true destiny that she must restore. Her wisdom comes by way of the Great Book of Records her grimoire of sagacity that even Merlin would envy.

But a whole new generation must have their great wizard too. Enter Star War’s “Yoda,” Size, color, species – every human valued characteristic is changed in this version except the underlaying wonder. Yoda is a leader of the wizard’s school known as the Jedi Temple, the Lucus version of Merlin’s cave. Yoda is the Master because of h is knowledge. His lightsaber, his wand, is but drama and focus – the Force is actually within.

Did we come back full-circle with Albus Dumbledore of Harry Potter fame? Of all the great wizards of the day, and they abound, one still stands above all others. This one is the nearly invincible headmaster.

TODAY, we write your chapter of the greatest story ever told.

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What is your fate? What is your destiny? What is your role? We bring you merely this day your Oz. Your Camelot. Your Hogwart’s We can teach. We can demonstrate. We can prove. What are you going to do?

Today we bring you "the Stuff".  But you too must bring us your stuff this day.  Together, we'll make you a wizard. 


Just Like the Elves, You Need Your "Big Book."


The class comes with a grimoire that we create from scratch.  Every word will be written by you, but with special direction.  There is a way to write a spell, and a way to carry it out.  However, a spell must also be personal to you.

We will spend days on the science, secrets and methods of effective spell writing.  Every course of interest to you is being pursued so your grimoire is not only personal, it is complete.  We will show you the proper structure.  Special shortcuts.  Tips and Tricks.

Magic has always used the available magic of the day, and so too ours will introduce a lot of the wiz-bang, razzle-dazzle and special effects we have come to expect and love.  All plays to one important thing, your "Focus."


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The Earth Elements

We are including a special 90-min presentation with guest crystal, stone, gem and substance expert Hannah d'Or.  The Crystal Sage knows all - so you will need to buckle your seatbelts for this one.  This is fun filled, thrilling, involved, demonstrative, laden with gifts, and it just downright sparkles!

The mineral kingdom was the first kingdom on Earth, and so it has all the inherent ingredients to accomplish all things.  All ages had to have a way to succeed.  Even through to this day most are aware there are properties in all metals, minerals and substances.  These may be incalculable.  Also, the way we measure these can go beyond the basic sciences of this world.  Psychics and clairvoyants are aware of these properties.  Mystics and Healers use them daily.  And magicians use them to bring about specific change.

There is so much available from this kingdom and it is so very well defined that the minerals can be used as precise tools.  They can also be grouped for greater benefit when combined.  Today, our crystal expert Hannah d'Or has packaged an assortment of "Mojo Bags" of just such magical combinations.  They can be used as individual stones, or grouped for miracle-class work.  Some may be for health.  Other relationships.  And other for prosperity.  The possibilities are endless so these bags come with an expert lecture of introduction by Hannah so each magician develops their own level of expertise with crystals and stones in their personal magic.

Properties and characteristics are often overlooked, when those invisible things are the real magic.  Color, for example, is an extremely important characteristic.  Color can pertain to the outside of the stone, but it can also refer to the aetheric properties from within the stone, gem, crystal or rock.  Where there is color there is also "frequency," which can be considered visual and tonal.  Each of these characteristics are powers that can be drawn out of your magical substance for some good use.  Master Clairvoyant Christian Toren will be available to Hannah if needed to ascertain internal color properties.

Magical properties are not static, they can dynamically be used to bring about change.  This lends them to the healing arts - but please think of healing as "wellness", too.  MUST a wellness condition pertain to the function and ailments of a life form body?  Absolutely not, metaphor is a quintessential component of spirituality, so those little glitter flecks can be utilized to bring  about a transformation of all things, and in all ways.

TIME TO GET YOUR MOJO ON.  Hannah will display some of her expert groupings to help you go out in the world today and bring about important change.

This may prove to be a profound moment in your magical development.  Like many in the class, you are going to be drawing your personal Gnomes,  Elves and Leprechauns to the class.  Perhaps MORE THAN YOU they may want to make the perfect selections and offer you demonstrable advice on how and what to choose.  Chris and I will be providing Magic Wands for your Nature People to help them work their wonders.  In all ways we would like this to be a joint adventure between you and your little "wise ones", and the maiden who  walks the Yellow Brick Road ...for together you are able to accomplish amazing things.  ZAP, BING, BANG, RAZZLE and DAZZLE ...its going to be a party down in here.

What's a Nature People if we can't bring in some glamor and shimmer?  From our Nature People to yours we are also going to be giving you some of Hannah's most precious stones in a ground--up micro mixture for your potions, spells and incantations.   You'll be getting diamonds, in microscopic form.  What's a diamond without some rubies, Emeralds and Sapphire?  You get those too - you may be wishing for a Prince.  Opals are essential in magic, especially in powdered form.  The colors are unique, and so is the magic that can be performed.  Turquoise, Topaz, Peridot - you get it all! This is real magic, so you have to have your ground Amethyst, right?  Some black onyx is essential to dragon magic.  Garnet is a gnome favorite.  

Your little Nature People kit includes precious fairy bottles to hold your premium booty in.  DID YOU THINK WE ARE DONE - absolutely not.  A real magic class also needs real precious metals.  Your potions are going to blossom when you use real platinum.  Gold, well of course.  But how about some pure sterling silver in a size designed for magical incantations.  And more ...there's always more.

Your MoJo bag would not be complete without one more item.  Just before the big coffee break Hannah will offer you a selection of Mo-Joe coffee wraps.  NOW, we can get down to business.

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We are so certain you are going to want to take advantage of these magic sets, Chris and I are going to give you a gift certificate so you can grab your favorite grouping right now.  You are free to purchase even more specialty items for your stone collection if you want to put a Nature focus on your magic, ...so enjoy stocking up on this seldom claimed magical set of  components.

So You Think You're A Leprechaun?



Leprechauns are the most unique being on Earth, past, present and future.  Of all life forms, only the Leprechaun can violate the "Ring-Pass-Not"  multi-dimensional barrier  imposed on all things.  THIS is how they do wonders that we humans have come to call magic.

Where Are They Really?

Like all Nature Spirits, or Nature People when their form is more humanesque, Leprechauns naturally reside in the three aetheric sub-planes of this very same Physical Reality we call home.    We only use four parts of it, the Nature People use the other three.

Leprechauns, however, can ALSO go into the Astral Plane where humans sleep at night.  It is the realm of psychic powers.  HERE, more specifically, is where they perform magic.  No other form can go there at will.  When humans go there at night, they must disconnect entirely from the Physical realm of reality, connected only by a golden tether.  We are not aware of the other realms, depending upon which one we are in.  Leprechauns maintain functionality in both..


There is yet another rather special life form, and that is the Dragon - the oldest form of life.   They reside technically below our dimensions, and only Leprechauns can venture down to control them.  Dragons have a connection to you, and your Leprechauns maintains your functional relationship with your dragon.  This can be dangerous.  Special precautions must be taken and these will be discussed in class, and you will be provided with a few necessary tools, all magical.

Make a Wish

Wishing is a kind of special magic.  It differs in that it came about in a selfless way, for selfless purposes.  There are indeed some particular elements that are necessary, but these are under the control of your Leprechaun.  It is Leprechauns that [decides] the merits of a wish, so a wish is not perse magic in the traditional form.  Regardless, humans live in a world where it could be impossible to succeed if we didn't get a wish granted every now and then.


The Mirror Has Two Faces

You will have to make a choice when you venture down the trail of magic.  Hopefully you will understand the nature of the Wizard, and the virtue that they are driven too.  Both paths are difficult, and you might think the Higher road is the most difficult of all - it is in that it drains you of all you believe in.  You must develop a higher way of thinking.  Another way of looking at things is who and what are you serving?  Ultimately, you and all others are on a course of reincarnation, so the answer will always speak to a greater good that transcends current time.

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Some precautions will apply this week.