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Let the Genie Out of the Bottle

Manques Magique is the hidden magic.  Before all religions, before all belief systems period there was "La Magie".  From every corner of the known world, the powers of Creation were laid at the feet of man to use to master the world through forces, manifestation and miracles.  As cultures began to embrace the true "Means" many controversies eventually ensued,  Some practices, perhaps most, became hidden, even forgotten.  And so man began his downward spiral of dependency on his one mind and wit.  


Release the Bonds to Your Hidden Magic

See, hear and do things you never thought were possible.  Learn the old ways of "Owning Your Power."

But there are ALWAYS those who remain in charge of the Ancient Wisdom.    And "la magie", the original abandoned term for Magick is represented as "Manques Magique", the hidden magic.  Man has reached the limits of the physical brain and does once again acknowledge the the "the Means" to the transformative impossible is still in our grasp, it's just not in our heads.  Let us show you the old ways, the many and varied ways that allowed man to roam the Earth as Gods, with powers to conquer all adversities, and to explore the latent potential of human form to become beings of Magick.


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Brilliant Magic Sparkles with Wisdom

Let's Get Serious!

 Magic is not of this world, but then, not much really is. We are limited-perspective “beings” constrained by conventional physical reality, which is itself imposed upon us by the two mechanisms of the Conscious and then the Sub-Conscious mind. 

Though these default means of existence have their advantages and usefulness in this world intended to be the “Cause” of things, it is most pointedly NOT the means of any sub-dimension of our world, or any realm (or “Plane”) above us.  The realm of Causation was intended to be a creative starting place that could initiate without limitation - but WE WERE supposed to go out and do something with our creations.


Change is Magick

Up front I suggested a word, …“default” We can continue to be underwater seaweed polyps, or we can develop the skill set to function in the true Reality. That reality is actually more normal than ours, varied, limitless and capable of things beyond our imagination. The common and consistent undercurrent for “change” is what we here call “Magick”, a mere word that suggests something “unknowable.” In truth, it is simply the undiscovered knowledge. “the Hidden Magic.” Manques Magique.


How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Mediocrity

How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Mediocrity


There is something else that goes hand-in-hand with the blend of forces and matter in all spaces beyond this regulated dominion of our realism, “lightness.” It is already well-expressed in public vernacular that we are animated sentient beings of an ecosphere of subjective density. 

That you can put definition to anything in Nature and the Cosmos imposes an inherent finiteness on its value and purpose.  Everything is a "potential," regardless how it is expressed in the moment.  Magick was created for us to rise above any limitation imposed by life and man.  But, do we believe in magick?  No.  We believe in nothing.

How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Mediocrity

How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Mediocrity

How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Mediocrity


We perceive the world that we WANT to call reality from inside a minuscule bubble that hangs like a polyp on a ribbon of ocean seaweed. Swaying to and fro at the whim of the universal ocean, NOT our own minds or volition; and certainly not our latent potential of awareness of a much grander Creation. 

Though we are aware of some vast Sea of existence, we define it in total from our isolated point of observation. Nothing could be further from the truth. In that incalculable massiveness, inconceivable means of force, power, transformation, wellness, mutation, matter and even subsequent creation are a norm called “Nature.” Our use of the word is a debasing insult to the works of God. 

We are the Other Magic Kingdom in Burbank



2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA

Our cave is setup within the vast Convention Center.  You can get directions to "Myst of the Oracle's" workshop at the front desk.  Our cave has plenty of room, tables and appointments, our own kitchen, bathroom and patio, and direct access to the Patio bar 20' away.  Lunch is often by group in the "Grill", but the bar is an option, and there are very many specialty food shops across the street.  Hours are from 9AM - 6PM every evening, with an hour to 1-½ for lunch.

Unless otherwise advised, the venue is the Burbank Airport Marriott Convention Center. It is directly across the street from the Burbank Airport. Easy to walk to, or take the free Marriott shuttle.

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We  strive to make our facilities as magical as possible, and that means providing every amenity.

Our Course In Miracles

There Was Always Magic

 The Manques Magique is a direct translation of “the Magic that is Hidden.” Hidden, however, does not mean it does not exist.

All cultures of the Old World eventually went to great lengths to obscure the power of their magic. They also firmly believed in these astounding evidences of greater spiritual forces about us than we ourselves possess. Each culture worked tirelessly, endlessly, to master the ancient ways of the sages and mages. It was the closest evidence of a great unknowable presence in the Universe that was capable of all things. Such power was considered a potential “gift” for the use of Mankind, or whatever superior “Race” emerged such that they could be in control of their own destiny.

The ancient world did not know of our Science, or the physical properties of the Universe. They did not have awareness of what has come to be known as medicine and healing. They had not harnessed great power to change Nature itself as we do now with magnetism, electricity, nuclear power, weather manipulation and the flow of water. Yet, THEY DID have potentially that means to accomplish all of these things – this was the power of Magick.

Magic would eventually be sought as a means to both wage war and win wars. It could be used for great religious battles. It could overcome plagues, volcanic activity and bombardments from outer space. It became more and more useful, more valuable, and there was an ever increasing need to keep one’s particular magic secret.

Great things cannot be kept secret forever. There are needs. Any man-made approaches to life are inherently limited, and once again, eventually, the magic of old must resurface. Man now finds himself once again in need of the means …to do the impossible.


The Manques Magique course builds upon an ancient Giant Alter of wisdom.


Learn to be the Real Deal

 Your classes are taught by Master Clairvoyant Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D., for the full three-days. This continuity will ensure a complete and comprehensive training based on his decades of delivering consistent results. Toren is well known for his spectacularly entertaining training style – you WILL have a good time learning, and you will undoubtedly be SPELLBOUND most of the time. Christian has devoted a great many decades to mastering all of the ancient and mystic arts. He has already seen, experienced and mastered all the old trade-craft. The effort is imparting the great wisdom in our short 3-day program. 14-year apprenticeship programs are a thing of the past. Well thought out development programs take advantage of how our conscious and sub-conscious minds work, so as to produce extremely fast results.

Joining us in class will be some resident experts in several genre’s to provide an even more rounded panel for any unique interests you may have.


Visiting experts share specialized wisdom to those who show evidence of ancient gifts.



You bring the commitment; Christian will bring OUT the talent. It is there, it HAS to be there – no human can physically exist today if they had not (very) long ago mastered the magical arts.






BEEDS and BOBS | Return of the Dragon

Manques Magique ...the hidden magic.  

Day 1 | What you need to make Magic Happen - The Nature People like to start with a little bibbidy-bob to get things started.  Up front is when you receive your fabulous cache of tools, supplies, wands and incantations and charms.   

Learn to use the tools of the trade.  A treasure trove of supplies, pounds and pounds to goodies await your arrival.  We get started right-away, so don't be late.  





NATURAL PEOPLE | the Magical powers of substances

Manques Magique ...the hidden magic.  

Day 2 | Uses the magical power of physical substances, such as herbs, metals, stones, perfumes and resins. This a demonstration of the Hermes Trismegistus axíōma ‘As above, so below,’ meaning that every object in the material world is a reflection of spiritual, or astrological, forces.   

Based on the comprehensive knowledge of all Nature..  Bring in your own gnomes, leprechauns, fairies and elves and our practiced experts will find out their names and how they are going to help you in your mystical, magical, fantastical pursuits.





REVEALED - Wisdom from Sylphs and Fairies

Manques Magique  ...the hidden magic.  

Day 3 | Magic works.  You can call on the four winds for assistance, or step into the personal crystal cave of your very own Leprechaun.  Natural Magic makes "miracles" out of nature.  Natural Magic shows that nature is teemed with hidden forces and powers that can be imitated, improved upon, and put to helpful use.  

All life can be reduced to one word, "change."  ...and change is at the very core of the magic we do, it's all very natural once you learn to work with the forces that already exist.

Certification is at the Master Class level

Christian Toren teaches Master class programs.  As such, you will receive a professional Certification for your Magic training.

Example of frame style we think will match your Certificate.

You will receive a Master Clairvoyant combined Certification certificate suitable for framing.  These are handed out at the end of day-3 of your training.