Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level Development


Starseed Encounter Certification Course

Professional Instruction for Professionals


Starseeds struggle for the duration of their life with a sense of alienation; a feeling of not-belonging. This arises from a pre-cognitive awareness that they are not home.


After many years of preparation, Dr. Christian Toren is delivering a certification course on the determination, identification and appreciation of reincarnated evolutionary species from other locations in the Cosmos. 


We seek now those Starseeds themselves, or those drawn to support these disadvantaged guardians, for an intensive 2-day education workshop to further their undertaking. Our program is extensive to the point of reviewing 20 Starseed types, varied Extraterrestrial visitors, and esoteric variations of several modern names. All require our consideration and reassurance.

This is a professional course. We will explain all the subjects of the above association, learn how to verify their existence and location with actual visual techniques, and teach them to see for themselves their Alien Guide, and more importantly their origins. The latter includes a visual communication means to connect with their Source for clarification of Path and purpose, and their requisite “Mission.” Exercises and demonstrations will be plentiful.


The course is supported by a large color printed manual of several hundred pages, with extensive definitions, illustrations and discourse.

Professional Instruction

Your instructor, Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr is a recognized expert, has been a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM for over a decade, contributes to many televised documentaries and programs, appears on expert panels nationally, and is a consummate lecturer, author and esoteric communicator throughout the country.


Starseed Reading

Dr. Christian Toren von Lahr reading Lyran Feline type starseed Rebecca Holden.  You may recognize her from her celebrated role on Night Rider.  Many celebrities are themselves psychic to some extent, and others also have a starseed connection.

There are more of you out there. Meet them here.


YOU SHOULD KNOW IF YOU BELONG, but let us share a few of the characteristics we are expecting to be exhibited:

Emotionally, you feel an inordinate feeling of urgency. This pertains to a purpose, mission or Path where said is unshakable. It must be discovered. To this end one experiences a sense of great oneness with the Universe. Emotional as you may be inside, there can be great difficulty expressing these emotions. You may feel imbalanced in this way, chemically, or with metabolism. 

Physically your eyes are compelling, stand out or otherwise define you. Your personality may range from purely magnetic to charismatic. You have a notable sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, electricity or physical, mental or conscious energy. 

You will be hypersensitive to light, sound and even odors. Sound, tones and/or music will have greater than normal importance to you. 

These physical aspects can affect your health or function. Is your body temperature lower than normal? Do you have chronic sinusitis? You will have noticed swollen or painful joints. Many Starseeds complain of a pain in the back of their neck or head. Humidity bothers them. There are a great many other defining characteristics which will be revealed and verified.

Starseeds believe in life on other planets. Some, if not most, believe they have lived on other planets. Your extraterrestrial, mystical or even religious memories would have started at an early age and they are particularly significant.

There is a crossover with Starseeds into the Metaphysical, as many believe in miracles, had invisible playmates or saw ghosts, and have a belief in Guides and angels. You will have been drawn to meditation, esoteric philosophical wisdom teachings. Healing holds an importance to Starseeds, though they may go about its execution in many varied ways. Prophetic dreams, clairaudient communication and clairvoyant vision in life will likely have occurred.

You want proof of who and what you are. You need, FINALLY, a comprehensive and correct understanding of the condition of “Starseed”. You want a way to verify your perception(s) of a connection to some other place. And, you want a REAL way to communicate to said place. These will help you resolve your prior unsurmountable problem of “your Mission.”

CONTACT US NOW. 310.727.1700 Our Starseed Encounter is Jan 4th/5th 2020. This is a 2-day weekend Workshop.  No fluff – it’s all real. Call now for registration information and to order.



Enough Informational Training to Blow Your Mind



LEARN THE KEY DEFINITIONS:  True Wisdom has to have a foundation of our best definitions to build off of. Standards are introduced that span the ancient wisdom, esoteric teachings, New Age teachings and even science. The premise allows you to pull all the teachings in the class together into one cohesive story. 




the Pillars of Creation


LEARN ABOUT CONSTELLATIONS:  A constellation is a group of stars that forms an imaginary outline or pattern on the celestial sphere, typically representing an animal, mythological person or creature, a god, or an inanimate object. The origins of the earliest constellations likely go back to prehistory.

LEFT:  "the Pillars of Creation", an image of the Eagle Nebula

The constellations bring the ancient belief systems and experiences of the initial world, the unexplained myths and mysteries of the later developing civilized world, and the esoteric and philosophical wisdom of the emerging culture centers of the ancient cultural world to provide a “road map” to understanding both the location of the source of Starseeds, and their functional position in the greater story of the Universe itself.

There is a pattern to Creation and its expression throughout the Universe. Having a Divine Wisdom to things, and a resultant logical development in the Cosmos provides a means to better understand the formation of the Universe, and its diversity of life throughout the greater cosmos, and just as importantly, across time. It shows us a coherent expansion of galactic wisdom that “must” permeate the totality of the Universe itself in a somewhat consistent manifestation. This provides bounds and motive that we can use as intellectual tools to unravel the greater reality that is now only just touching our small water world. We can even theorize and project with a reasonable expectation of factual proof.

Reach to the Stars – they have been “out there” A LOT LONGER than we have. “The answers” are always in the patterns of the past. “The wisdom” is in seeing correctly that which is right before our eyes. Stories have not always been written in words; a more universal medium was of necessity required. The constellations are but chapters in that story, but their progression is the quintessential story arc. From ancient cave drawings, to temples and relics, to myths from the past we have “confirmation” that an epic opus was written in the stars.

... Constellations of the Starseeds

LEARN THE STARSEED CONSTELLATIONS:  Starseeds tend to put focus on 44 particular Constellations of the 88 currently recognized, and the 48 of the ancient world. These will be considered and discussed in the course when and where required.

... Starseed Constellations

THESE INCLUDE: Andromeda, Aquarius, Aquila, Aries, Aurigae, Boötes, Cancer, Canes Venatica, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Capricornus, Carina, Cassiopeia, Centaurus, Cetus, Corona Borealis, Crux, Cygnus, Draco, Eridanus, Gemini, Hercules, Leo, Lyra, Microscopium, Milky Way, Ophiuchus, Orion, Pegasus, Perseus,Pisces, Piscis Austrinus, Pleiades, Reticulum, Sagitta, Sagittarius, Scorpius, Serpens, Taurus, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Virgo and Vulpecula.

... Planets, Stars, Star Systems and Asterisms

The ancient story is told, to include its figurative presentation, star charts are given, and a particular notation is made of the planets, stars, star systems and asterisms that pertain to the Source and focus of Starseeds.

THESE INCLUDE:  Achernar, Acrux, Adhara, Aldebaran, Algol, Alnilam, Alnitak, Alpha, Alpha Andromedae, Alpha Cassiopeiae, Alpha Centauri, Alpha Coronae Borealis, Alpha Hercules, Alpha Serpentis, Alpha Star,Altair, Antares, Arcturus, Ascella, Bellatrix, Beta Aquari, Beta Cancri, Betelgeuse, Canopus, Capella, Castor, Cor Caroli, Deneb, Elnath, Epsilon Pegasi, Fomallhaut, Gamma Draconis, Gamma Microscopii, Gamma Sagittae, Hadar, Hamai, Mimosa, Mira, Mirfik, Mizar, Nekkar, Nibiru, Ophiuchi, Pleiades, Polaris, Pollux, Procyon, Regulus, Reticulum, Rigel, Sagittarli, Sirius, Solar System, Spica, Tau Sagittarli, Vega, Vulpeculae and Zeta.


Cosmogony is the philosophy of the ultimate Reality from before Creation itself, through Creation and the Big Bang, to existence as we know of it now, and foresees its becoming.  It is a wisdom encompassing the Highest Truth.  Only through this complete story can we know of the existence of Starseeds, Aliens and their worlds, and the rationale behind all of the life forms in the Universe.  

Within it is the logic that explains how all things come about, and why they exist.   This too is necessary to comprehend the diversity of the aforementioned life forms and why these are a cause of interest, and a reason for cosmic interaction.  The basic truths are likely simple, and very few – too simple for us to understand.  This is not illogical; it is an obvious principal. To get you out of your box, we have to show you in this course that we exist in boxes, within boxes, within boxes.  We must at the least get you out of the first one if you are to have the fundamentals to intelligently achieve an awareness of Starseeds, UFO’s, Aliens and other esoteric forms of life.

Starseeds may be incarnating people from other worlds.  The subject can be interspersed with discussions, awareness and understanding of UFO’s and aliens too.  Curiously, there is a direct tie to Supreme Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels and even Nature People.  All mythology, and the earliest forms of symbols, numbers, languages, cave drawings and temples all play a rudimentary part of a vast and complex story that no one has been able to deliver to the masses.  Fortunately, in this class, we are actually preaching to the choir.  Decades in the making, the program's creator Dr. Christian Toren will be constructing the great puzzle for select students to see, then deconstruct it for them to understand..

You will have to comprehend things you have never thought of before:  Why would there not be a TIME factor to consider in all of this?  Do you even know what time is?  (I’ll save you the trouble.  “No!”   And clearly, we would have to include “dimensions” as a quintessential element of any comprehensive gloss on the subject of Starseeds, even though we can barely relate to 3 or 4 - oblivious to hundreds of others.  Anything is possible once dimensions enter into the equation.

Returning to our perspective of Physical Reality, why is there no wisdom of Black Holes as the delivery method?  Time, Space, Distance, Dimensions, …all of these are presumptions.   And, what of the PRESUMPTION that all life is evolving, when in fact some is “involuting,” and not “evolving” as we are?   Must everything be relative to our size, …why not microscopic or macroscopic?  Is our awareness truly the indicator of High intelligence?  How could that even be possible?  Intelligence itself may be an over-rated thing – LOL, OK, I’ll just tell you now that it is.  But what is more, bigger, better, different?  Listen up boys and girls, all of this is the background to the Starseed Encounters.

As you can see, the Theory of Everything, Cosmogony, is a vital component to discovering the vast and diffused world of Starseeds.  We are going to take a look at what Reality is, just for starters.  This subject hasn’t been taught in over a hundred years, though, WE DID know these things in the past.  Sad, the world has become dumber just when we actually need some intellect to receive “the Starseeds.”


What is Cosmogony

Depending on the background and mindset of the cosmogonist, the pursuit of cosmogony may focus primarily on the consideration and interpretation of scientific data, both from the perspective of contemporary scientists and the observations of others throughout the centuries. At other times, scrutiny of the creation stories and observations about the universe that are found within various world religions and the writings of theologians may also be part of the process, attempting to relate those observations to what is currently known about the physical universe.

We Learn From the Past

Ancient Aliens prehistoric cave drawings



Nature is infinite in space and time

– boundless and eternal, unfathomable and ineffable. The all-pervading essence of infinite nature can be called space, consciousness, life, substance, force, energy, divinity – all of which are fundamentally one.  

NOTE:  In the Workshop we will have to fundamentally correct your limited perspectives of Infinity, Time, Space, Dimensions and even what one considers "fact."  These have been "safety zones", necessary in the past due to the limited mental capacities and learning of most humans to think outside of a very narrow box, or world, that they live in.  We are products of past ignorant civilizations.  Put your "big-boy" Spacesuits on, travelers, we need to mentally venture out a little further to run the gamut on what Starseeds are.


Vibration/Worlds Within Worlds

Infinite Manifestation

- The one essence manifests not only in infinitely varied forms, and on infinitely varied scales, but also in infinitely varying degrees of spirituality and substantiality, comprising an infinite spectrum of vibration or density. There is therefore an endless series of interpenetrating, interacting worlds within worlds, systems within systems. The energy-substances of higher planes or sub-planes (a plane being a particular range of vibration) are relatively more homogeneous and less differentiated than those of lower planes or sub-planes.

NOTE:  Essentially, you cannot conceive of the full range of up to 20 Starseed types, Extraterrestrials, UFO visitations, ET Visitors et'al as ALL being comprised of the same energy, substance that we humans enjoy.  We can't even universally impose our Time or our Dimensions on them.  Space, at minimum, is essentially a human perspective, NOT a Universal fact.  

The above tenet will be explored/explained sufficiently that you can relate to Starseeds and visitors from the perspective of their [actual] existence.  It is only we humans that have to perceive these multiple realities from the singular perspective of a real-time Reality TV program.  They are not all the same, it is only the program you are watching "Starseeds" that is consistent.  Each Starseed classification is its own episode.  Certain humans, HOWEVER, CAN alter their reality to something more indigenous to them.  Ugh Huh.


Evolution and Involution of Worlds

Worlds Comprised of Kingdoms

- Worlds or spheres, such as planets and stars, are composed of, and provide the field for the evolution of, 10 kingdoms – 3 elemental kingdoms, mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms, and 3 spiritual kingdoms. 

The impulse for a new manifestation of a world issues from its spiritual summit or hierarch, from which emanate a series of steadily denser globes or planes; the One expands into the many. 

During the first half of the evolutionary cycle (the arc of descent) the energy-substances of each plane materialize or condense, while during the second half (the arc of ascent) the trend is towards dematerialization or etherealization, as globes and entities are reabsorbed into the spiritual hierarch for a period of nirvanic rest (ultimately). 

The descending arc is characterized by the evolution of matter and involution of spirit, while the ascending arc is characterized by the evolution of spirit and involution of matter.  

NOTE:  However, the above tenet is a limited and fixed generality for the edification of our own human perspective.  Once we broach the subject of Starseeds, our views must too change and expand.

NOTE:  To presume Starseeds are essentially all the same would be a mistake.  Reptilians, for example, are essentially the opposite of an Archturian.  Some visitors are physical, real-time ones,.  Others can incarnate by choice, ... other's still nonchalantly., or involuntarily  Some could be passing-through.  And too, some just don't belong here.  This might be a good time to mention that "Cloning" has to be considered as a variation on "types."  Cloning is a deliberate act that goes beyond the default natural laws.  Though we group all of this varied life in modern day parlance, they are all different.  Delving into a bit of esoteric wisdom will help us explain this disparity.


Esoteric wisdom from every ancient source makes either direct reference to visiting life for other worlds, or indirectly through allegory.  These are both consistent and pervasive.  They exist in the earliest times, and in the earliest writings, but also appear on the actual oldest accounts, the cave drawings throughout Europe and elsewhere.  Cultures from continents far removed from each other tell the same story.  WE HAVE BEEN VISITED.  We have been advised.  And, we will be visited periodically.  Clearly these are in esoteric texts that are best suited for this subject, but it is quite true that the same accounts show up in religions in veiled text.  Wisdom was power in the early ages of religion, so real wisdom was obfuscated by encoding it into parables.  


The ancients all veiled the true wisdom. We need this wisdom to better understand existence, the from whence and where of Starseeds, and to ascertain their purpose. The class breaks through these parables, allegories, veils and secret teachings.


All the major religious and mystical traditions have had exoteric teachings for the public, and deeper, esoteric teachings for those who have proved themselves worthy to receive them, in accordance with the old saying: ‘Live the life if you would know the doctrine.’  The Church father Origen (185-254 CE) wrote of an esoteric doctrine existing in the non-Christian religions of his time:

In Egypt, the philosophers have a most noble and secret Wisdom concerning the nature of the Divine, which Wisdom is disclosed to the people only under the garment of allegories and fables. ... All the Eastern nations – the Persians, the Indians, the Syrians – conceal secret mysteries under the cover of religious fables and allegories; the truly wise of all nations understand the meaning of these; but the uninstructed multitudes see the symbols only and the covering garment.

Origen claimed that in Christianity, as in all other religions, there was a similar esoteric system.

According to the New Testament, the disciples were told: ‘To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of God; but for others they are in parables, so that seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand".  While speaking to the multitude in a veiled manner, ‘privately to his own disciples he explained everything’. They were advised not to ‘throw your pearls before swine’.

WELL, WHEN PIGS FLY.  This is all about to change.  What you know, you don't really know - and what you don't know you are about to learn.  You can't spend your existence in the dark forever - now one can, nor are they allowed to.  Sorry.  If you are reading this, ....IT'S YOUR TIME!


SUPREME BEINGS are divinities whose nature reveals a unique quality of being—generally, a transcendent spiritual power—in a culture's religious system. Such divine beings figure in many different religious systems, yet they manifest values and symbolic associations that display remarkable similarities.   

Careful reading of the works, however, shows us that something or someone of unusual qualities was a Supreme Being.  Often in religions and philosophies, what  were referred to as gods, winged beings and even the personification of forces were actually star visitors.  

Words did  not exist in the distant past that could define jet propulsion of aircraft and spacecraft.  The fires and emissions were described in terms of nature.  Also symbology of this same topic found its way into pottery, artifacts, walls and other creative works.  Birds and animals often referred to constellations, and people from distant star locations, not something tangible on Earth.  These supreme beings had the powers of gods as they could accomplish the unfathomable.  Further, it was illustrated.  Many a war in Heaven, actually the Space that could be viewed from Earth, was an actual battle amongst a desperate group of other-worldly travelers all vying for the control or influence of the Earth, or the humans on it.  Cloning may have actually been the first science every employed on Earth.  The class will provide very understandable examples of this occurring, though wrapped in the simple words of the nature references around earthlings.


Starseeds.  How did they get here?  Why are they here?

Star seeds

Actual Starseeds, Extraterrestrials and other-worldly visitors are part of a large class on non-human sourced life that will be expored.  They will be described and explained, origins given, their nature and their characteristics.  We will be using several methods to determine if you have an actual connection to them.  You could be guided by them, for example.  Others may have an implant.  Same have been abducted.  

Regardless, there are dozens upon dozens of characteristics we have been databasing over the years that allow us to very quickly ascertain your Starseed connection.  You will think you are UNIQUE, but we will readily show you that you are not.  We can easily PREDICT your traits once we start observing a point or two - there is no actual uniqueness.  IF YOU ARE ALIEN, we will know it.  From this point we will describe your life, your troubles, your mind set, and we will even be able to tell you why you are in this class.  We will explain your future to you, and your purpose to save you decades of time.  This search for qualifying details started centuries ago, we have simply lost sight that people used to be interested in the very same things you are.  The Starseed workshop may be the "lifesaver" you have been seeking. Your life can now make sense.  We will remove the "woofoo" and show you this has a very strong spirituality and science foundation.  All is explainable, and reasonable, ...these things are not fantasy.

LEFT:  Portals to the new Earth

These are some of the Starseed types that will be explored in class.

We will also be attempting TO SEE THEM, using a visual from our Master Clairvoyance class.  There is an aspect of this that will give us a visual indicator of WHAT TYPE OF STARSEED you are.


See Andromedan



See Blue Avian



See Lyran felines



Nordic Tall People


See Pleiadean


See Reptilain

See Sirians


Tall Whites


the Evolutionary Impact



Esoteric teaching has expressed that human life on Earth has been expressed through seven stages.  These were referred to as "Races," though they always referred to the totality of human life on Earth at the time.  We are aware of our current one, which is the fifth.  We have also heard of the prior fourth and third, the Atlanteans and the Lemurians respectively.  Where things get interesting is the 2nd root race.  This Imperishable Sacred Land of the 2nd Root Race was called Hyperboria, and we were called Hyperboreans.  THIS, RIGHT HERE is where Starseeds from the great cosmos started coming in and reshaping the destiny of Man.  

This is a lengthy and totally interesting discourse on how man evolved, and how it evolved to have a direct association with life on other worlds, in other galaxies and constellations.  Every aspect of our physical and philosophic history keeps telling the story, but over time. we keep dismissing the facts due to limitations of the languages and means of indigenous man.  In the class Christian Toren is going to break down these references and interpret the symbols in a way that is so logical and demonstrable that you will achieve the "knowingness" you have been seeking.

NUMBERS, their significance

Base-10 math systems like ours have existed for well over 5,000 years.  Egypt seemed to start with this.  Even before, this system existed in ancient Mesopotamia.  How is this possible?  Influence from Starseeds, Extraterrestrial visitors and other otherworldly influence is cited as a very reasonable answer:


Tallies made by carving notches in wood, bone, and stone were used for at least forty thousand years. These tally marks may have been used for counting elapsed time, such as numbers of days, lunar cycles or keeping records of quantities, such as of animals.. Bones and other artifacts have been discovered with marks cut into them that many believe are tally marks.


….Lebombo bone is a baboon fibula with incised markings discovered in the Lebombo Mountains located between South Africa and Swaziland. The bone is between 44,230 and 43,000 years old, according to two dozen radiocarbon datings. According to The Universal Book of Mathematics the Lebombo bone's 29 notches suggest "it may have been used as a lunar phase counter, in which case African women may have been the first mathematicians, because keeping track of menstrual cycles requires a lunar calendar." But the bone is clearly broken at one end, so the 29 notches can only be a minimum number. Furthermore, in the many more notched bones since found there is no consistent notch tally, many being in the 1–10 range.

We explore how the ancient aliens did indeed influence the evolving human race our world to improve its intelligence, and therefore its progress, and dominance.  

LANGUAGES, their significance

All social animals communicate with each other, from bees and ants to whales and apes, but only humans have developed a language which is more than a set of prearranged signals.

Our speech even differs in a physical way from the communication of other animals. It comes from a cortical speech center which does not respond instinctively but organizes sound and meaning on a rational basis. This section of the brain is unique to humans.

When and how the special talent of language developed is impossible to say. But it is generally assumed that its evolution must have been a long process.

Our ancestors were probably speaking a million years ago, but with a slower delivery, a smaller vocabulary and above all a simpler grammar than we are accustomed to.

OR IS THERE ANOTHER REASON?  Something far more sensible, and apparently true by the language artifacts in the world.  They show we SUDDENLY developed the power of effective languages.  These paradoxes and others will be demonstrated and explained in the workshop.  We will show not only the logical progression, but the connection to Extraterrestrial, or perhaps Starseed influences.

LEFT:  A diagram of the history of languages


Evolve by Being Involved

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” was a phrase made popular by Carl Sagan who reworded Laplace's principle, which says that “the weight of evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness”

Extraordinary evidence is evidence that turns an a priori highly unlikely event into an a posteriori likely event.



How to Communicate Higher


There are several areas of the class where the student can develop abilities. One of those most germane to this subject is the way and means of actual communications with aliens, Starseed guides, and Source(s). There are elements to this that are not necessarily hard, or even difficult – however, they do tend to be alien to us. Excuse the pun. Communications, as it pertains to this subject, needs to have at least a notion of scientific principle, even though it shall be beyond typical awareness that such things can occur. Such communication will include a pre-known visual validation means. That which you are communicating with CAN be “invoked”, to steal a metaphysical term, and there will exist a form of visual or experiential “calling card”, which plays directly to identity. The only real obstacle is that those with whom we chose to communicate with will be coming from a greater dimensional world, which therefore requires us to have a way to break things down into simpler “chunks.” We will explain how to do this.


Special Interest Topics

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Select Guest Vendors

Special Resources for Starseeds

Special Resources for Starseeds

Special Resources for Starseeds


In many respects, magnetic field based therapy involves the delivery of a particular form of energy to the tissues, much like ultrasound (which happens to be mechanical energy) or laser (which happens to be light based electromagnetic energy).

Cosmic Marketplace

Special Resources for Starseeds

Special Resources for Starseeds


Rare High Frequency Lady Arcturian StarSeed Pink Monatomic Andara Crystal.

Certification Course


Formal Certification Diploma

You will receive a professional Certification Diploma that you can display or hang.  You receive a unique alumni Code that can be used to validate your standing and credential.  You are licensed to speak throughout the country, appear on television and radio, and author your works with this credential backing.