Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level Development
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CLAIRVOYANCE - day three

It's all about the Clairvoyance

Course 3 is about performing extraordinary work at intensities VERY FEW people are ever even aware of – but this is the level that actually substantiates Psychism as a viable art. This is TRUE “EYES-OPEN CLAIRVOYANCE”.


Vastly more information comes through than the typical 3-dimensional brain can process – you need to raise your vibration to match the other Planes of Existence. And when you do, you get more information, more nuance, more foundation and even more substance than you can now imagine.

Working the “Right” (a spiritual term) way is what psychism IS SUPPOSED TO BE. All you need is training and integrity, and only Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr can deliver this vast program so quickly. You will DEFINITELY want to go through this track, after you complete Level 1 IT’S ALL ABOUT EXPERIENCE – but with a twist. In our SOAR Master Clairvoyant Development Course, YOU WILL EXPERIENCE REAL ARCHANGELS, Angels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, deific figures – to the point where you can both SEE them, and CHANNEL them (“channeling” refers to HIGH CONNECTIVITY in the Heavenly realm, not merely “connections” with the other-side).

Once you see true ascended life, then you will have no difficulty in the future recognizing them and working with them when they come in for your clients. But you HAVE to have that first experience – you are going to love our SOAR Master Clairvoyance Development Course.

It is at this level that Psychism existed in the old world, the one where there was NO SCIENCE, NO MEDICINE, there was only [YOU], and you could solve all problems. Even Kings and Sultans, Queens and Rajas would consult with the true psychic, who back then, was also a Seer, Medium and Clairvoyant. Lives depended on your ability, your insight, your accuracy. THAT is where we are going with Level 3 of the SOAR Master Clairvoyance Development Course.

This is true eyes-open Clairvoyance, positive knowledge, absolute wisdom. The entire nature of existence will be at your disposal. You will be able to see across time itself. You WILL be able to positively know one’s destiny. You can find true and actual Soul Mate parameters for anyone – the Who, When, Where, Why and even HOW.

Connect through one person to another and solve a parent’s problems with their children, or a person’s issues with their partner. Access [time] itself to see the progress of events – to even accurately deduce timing. Answer any reasonable question, solve any definable problem, DO THE IMPOSSIBLE – always!


Course 3 is about performing extraordinary work at intensities VERY FEW people are ever even aware of – but this is the level that actually substantiates Psychism as a viable art. This is TRUE “EYES-OPEN CLAIRVOYANCE”.


THAT's IT   We have presented the most capable, the most comprehensive Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant training available anywhere.  This is it - this is the best.  In only a matter of days you can literally start life with a total profession ready-to-go.  Do a great job - an excellent one, frankly.  Get the respect you deserve for your wisdom, skill and abilities.  Earn a very decent wage for your way above average skill set and delivery.

Special Things You Can Do

Clairvoyant Medical Intuition

With this course you automatically can produce a true benefit, using Psychic and Clairvoyant tools, to bring considerable insight to one's medical history, condition and future.

You can diagnose health conditions because you will be able to [SEE] Clairvoyantly with eyes-open into the human body. You WILL be able to bring about spiritual healing because you will learn the immutable laws, facts and techniques required to function in multiple Planes of Existence.

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Only with Master level Clairvoyance can you actually see one's Path.  It comes in at first in an absolutely universal form.  This means, there is no mistakes.  It is perfectly clear, you will be able to validate insights about this instantly with your client - they WILL agree.  You can then guide them.

Soul Mates

Master level Clairvoyance is the ONLY WAY to accurately deliver a person's Soul Mate information.  It must be instantly recognizable, and in fact, the client's own life will be validating what you deliver.  This information is VISUAL, hence the clairvoyance.

A Soul Mate is one of our two destinies.  The information WILL be there.  The Path indicate above is the other destiny and it plays A KEY PART in the Soul Mate mystery.  Both must be seen.

You can tell the client the Month, the Day, the Time, the Location, the Name or aspects of it, what they do, why they are drawn to you.  What will be said and how to reply.  What to wear.  How to handle the encounter so you gain a very particular "validation" element that will bring absolute certainty to your client.

Some basic Master level Clairvoyance Skills to learn

  • Potential to see anything, anywhere, anyway.
  • Transcend time and distance - no other modality or training can accomplish this, we are unique in this master-class ability.
  • KNOW the truth, and know when there is an un-truth being suggested, discussed, experienced, expected, etc..
  • See macrocosmically across the Universe if you have to.  Conversely, you can microcosmically down the the cells in one's blood stream (though the MIT medical intuition classes may offer an even more effective way.)
  • KNOW the Past, Present and Future.
  • Answer any reasonable question with confidence.
  • Be RIGHT, even when the client thinks you must be wrong - the truth WILL reveal itself.  (You are going to love this. True spirituality has to provide a means by which you can deliver its messages without hesitation or modification.  However, you do have to follow some rules, all which you will learn.)
  • Understand the programming that has affected any individual client, creating their limits and understanding, and their circumstances in life.  

YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT if you do not have a way to absolutely know what these are.  Which leads to the results we are seeking - you have to have the ability to help your client overcome the aforementioned circumstances.  

This can only be done with Master level Clairvoyance, and we are the only teachers of it.  

Did we invent it?  No, it is eons old, but it HAS been lost and obscured since the Crusades, and the Age of Discovery.  LOST?  Perhaps not - it has only been overlooked in the process of Civilization and modernization.  It has been hidden before our eyes.  

Come let us show you what we mean.