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Helping Others to Help Themselves

If your mind is able to imagine the difference between your Reality, and what you think your reality should have been, then the key exists to unlock a fantastic world of transformation.

The Christian Toren Method is new.  It is unique.  But, of importance is that it works.  And, we know just why it works.

Almost ALL life situations that affect our success, happiness and well-being fit into a compact set of a mere dozen well-defined classifications.  The "uniqueness" everyone innately presumes is simply your variation on the known patterns.

Our expertise on these sets allows our specially trained students to triage ANY CLIENT within a half-hour or so.  They then know precisely how to proceed to turn around the client's thinking and get them instantly back on track, because THAT TOO is also a well-established pattern. 

Of course there is a bit of "Toren Magic" to the whole process in that his expertise in logic provides a method to follow which hones in on the contrived mental barriers to one's success.  The process engages the client convincingly, whereby they  quickly accept actual responsibility for their own situation.  They naturally lean towards change that "they know" will work, in earnest.  People actually DO LIKE to the be the solution to their own problem.  When its easy, a no-brainer, where no further thinking is required - the job gets done.  Quickly, as in "right now!"

CONFIDENCE is not an issue for our student Life Coaches.  The process is practically [mechanical] in that once we classify the issue, show the client the classical performance they are acting out in life, regardless the flair, drama and exceptional uniqueness they [chose] to stylize themselves with, then they can simply follow the scripted remedy, ...though tailored to the eyes, ears and circumstances [the current "favored" perspective] of the client.  (NOTE:  This latter will always be the same obstacle just modified over and over again in the past so the client thought they are now a victim of a totally new circumstance.  NOT TRUE.) 

50,000 sessions prove we know our stuff | Let us share it with you.


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Life Coaching In Review

The Big Picture


...let's not do that any more.

We live in a FREQUENT UPDATE society, and mentality.  Stop updating, and UPGRADE instead! Your central computer is out-dated.    Christian Toren's Life Coaching training will get your clients in and out of the shop quickly, and they will be able to keep up with the demands of the "real world."

... A lot of the rules and approaches we as humans have taken to therapies must be thrown out the window, they are all based on an untrue fact – that we are in total a physical human being. The truth would show that that is simply one aspect or component of who and what we are.  Understanding the others provides significant avenues to transform ourselves.


...our method has its own set of Power Tools.

The Christian Toren Method uses what we have learned over the recent years, one that there is a sub-conscious mind, and also includes a quintessential component that draws many key elements of fact from the ancient esoteric wisdom.  It is this combination that makes Lucid Dreaming a true healing modality.

This combination, and thusly, this method, is a proprietary process brought forward by Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr.  It presumes as a fact that the existence of man and his consciousness occurs over many [Planes] of Consciousness, and that our reality is a perception only, and that it exists in a realm we consider “the Physical.”  The magic behind how we can reprogram the subconscious mind can’t be explained by modern medical and psychological theories, but it is straightforwardly considered in esoteric wisdom.

This mystery, which heretofore is simply an “unknown” takes advantage of curious elements, such as timing – the timing of when we reprogram our subconscious is paramount.

The existence of ourselves, and all those who have affected us in this physical life needs to be handled as a perception, not a reality – this provides the literal means to reprogram the subconscious – since it does NOT KNOW the difference.


... the programming in your subconscious IS NOT YOURS.  Get rid of it NOW!

Our method differs from almost every self-help process and psychosocial therapy in that it acknowledges that the Conscious mind DOES AND WILL GET IN THE WAY.  And so, the method must get around this deterrent.

The Method presumes we are inescapably attached to the people and process that made up our thinking all of our lives.  This is a new thought in the process of mind therapy.  We are, nonetheless, committed to this fundamental.  The PLAY of our existence has been written.  We can [recast] the players, and repaint the sets, and we can even rewrite the lines, but the play itself must remain.


... our physical brains literally must be "trained-up" for the task.  [brought into service].  We need to activate the unused portions of it in addition to reclaiming the vast pool of misused brain cells.

Lastly, we add a new component as to how the sub-conscious works.  You cannot just discard a bad piece of programming, BECAUSE this programming takes up valuable real estate in the brain.  Brain cells cannot be wasted.  If we do not want to use an area that we consider unwanted, then we must repurpose that physical area FIRST!


If you go through life wearing Rose Colored Glasses ...then go in style!

Foundation for Success

Create a foundation for your professional success

 Each level is carefully designed to create a foundation for the subsequent levels, three in total, approximately 3-months apart. Each one-day class comprises a fully-functional level of development resulting in a professional standard of operation. There is a month of active homework after each training.

You will be performing REAL work, with REAL results – this is not entertainment-class psychism, but the genuine ability to ascertain situations, acknowledge life in other realms, determine answers to all problems, and to get people on their destined Path. The skill level attained will place you at the top tier in the psychic world, if you complete all three levels. You will be the best – the very best.

This course is NOT intended to turn you into the commonplace Life Coaches out there – this is the REAL DEAL, and you WILL develop REAL SKILLS. (Skills are a repeatable, proven, ability). In general, you will have no peers that can match your proficiency.   YOU ARE  going to make people better, right away.

If you want to learn this field, there has never been a better single opportunity than through this Master course with world renown expert Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr. THIS IS A LIMITED OPPORTUNITY.


If you are ready for this Opportunity, you can click to Order.  Or, see day-by-day details below.


Learn to be the Real Deal

We offer what no one else can - ACTUAL TRANSFORMATION

Transformation:  The benefits are truly endless and have the potential to completely transform the way we experience both our waking life and dream life realities.  Staying committed to the practice of lucid dreaming can open up new avenues of thought and inspiration never before deemed possible.

Christian Toren’s sustained study has now produced a deliverable method of coaching to transform anyone.  Everyone (within reason) can now be the person they always imagined themselves as.  Where others have failed, Christian Toren has succeed at because of his extensive knowledge of how the consciousness of man works, when it works, and why it works. This is a spiritual premise, not a human-created psychological one.  The means of the spiritual world are required.

A good training program gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and apply the skills you’ve learned and encourages (or requires) you to work with a coach yourself.

  • Determine the client’s goals
  • Set goals
  • Guide the client in creating a plan
  • Acknowledge the client and holding them accountable
  • Cooperative Communication
  • Identify and remove blocks and limit beliefs that keep the client from moving forward
  • Ask the right questions
  • Hands-on Coach exercises
  • Go professional


My style is profoundly different.






Help people to help themselves

- Day 1 -

Learn to quickly classify a client into a fixed set of categories.  Show them how to identify their pattern.  Get them to take personal responsible.  Give them a fast, easy way to change right now.





15-min instant diagnosis

- Day 2 -

Diagnose everyone's issues in approximately 15-minutes.  We've taken all the conventional issues that people have and teach you how to detect, analyze and diagnose them.





Teach People How to Sleep On It

- Day 3 -

LUCID DREAMING:  Our program is off the charts.  Finally there is a way, an actual enjoyable way, to fix sub-conscious programming issues from childhood.  You CANNOT do it the traditional way, the problem is NOT in your conscious brain.



Certified "Master Life Coach" credential

After completion of the series, you will be certified as a true Master Life Coach.  

Certification is at the Master Class level

Example of frame style we think will match your Certificate.

You will receive a Master Life COACH certificate suitable for framing.  These are handed out at the end of day-3 of your training.