Certified Master-Level Development


PROFESSIONAL CLASSIFICATION.  Master level Medical Intuition dictates the use of an ancient esoterically defined vision to ascertain reality, one in which the authentic past, present and future conditions of the human body support precise insight to its diagnosis. Christian|TOREN is the only true source of this technique in over 200 years.


If You Can See the Problem, You Can Fix It!

An extraordinary claim

"An extraordinary claim is one which is not supported by the available, or ordinary, evidence. Support for such a claim must therefore come from newly observed evidence, or a new recognition of existing evidence, which is extraordinary." - Carl Sagan

There IS the means to accurately and visibly perform Medical Intuition.

Through an especially designed training program you will see and experience first-hand what most would consider extraordinary. Technically the means, the rationale, the facts and the scientific method have all been available - however, they have been hidden in plain sight. 


WE CAN SEE in the body, in an informative visual energetic way. We can see the accurate condition and the history of symptoms. We can therefore perceive the results of the passage of time in the body. There is no faster way to get a complete and accurate medical history nor a better way to find the true cause of illness through myriad symptoms. 


This technique even allows "predictive analysis." What other method exists to give instant results? NONE. Another extraordinary claim? YES. But as with the premise for the christian|TOREN approach to Medical Intuition, THIS TOO can be demonstrated, is rational, and can be repeated.


MYST of the ORACLE Corporation

Training is a service of Myst of the Oracle.  The main site indicates the many services offered, and the locations of Christian's appearances.


Doctors Don't Know

  …look at them.


We invite clients to bring their doctors to come along with them. You will know who they are – they are the one’s bobbing their heads up and down when the Graduate explains the logical sequence of facts we can see, prove and even project. MIT graduates have nothing to hide, we are in it for the Health.

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The World of Harry Potter at Universal's Theme Park are one of the most popular attractions.

The World of Harry Potter at Universal's Theme Park are one of the most popular attractions.  

MIT Course Review

The Big Picture


THE MIT COURSE SERIES is personally conducted by Master Clairvoyant and Master Medical Intuitive, Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D.. Christian TOREN is notable as one of the only two Master Clairvoyants in the world. Although he has worked in over 25 countries, his current focus is in America.  Ergo, there is only one place to go to learn his discovery.

The MIT program will develop a unique form of Psychic development, as this will allow for an almost instantaneous indication of the key underlying problem the body itself is trying to heal; However, a proprietary technique must be introduced to produce that instantaneous result.  Every human will naturally want to believe this form of medical intuition is impossible - THIS is what the class has to focus on the most, helping you get out of your own way.  The rest is revealing a God-given ability that requires training primarily for proficiency.

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. will be your sole instructor.  You will therefore be learning directly from the Master.  He will be lecturing and demonstrating amazing abilities to see inside the body with an inherent X-Ray type vision that is preexistent in humans.  This is both a scientific and medical fact, but they have dismissed it as an ability that had a specific use that applied to the old world.  BIG MISTAKE!.  Like almost all the wisdom of the ancient world, its real value has been lost due to migrations to the various continents back during the Age of Discovery.  Christian Toren thinks its time to make today the NEW Age of Discovery.

Now that you've thought about MIT, you can click to Order.  Or, scroll down for more details

Now that you've thought about MIT, you can click to Order.  Or, scroll down for more details


Seeing Beyond the Obvious

LEARN IN ONE LONG WEEKEND: The MIT Course is delivered in three classes. Each level is carefully designed to create a foundation for the subsequent levels. A one-day class comprises a fully-functional level of development resulting in a professional standard of operation. Completion of all three makes you a Master in Medical Intuition.


BE THE TOP IN YOUR FIELD: You will be performing REAL work, with REAL results – this is not entertainment-class medical intuition but the genuine ability to ascertain situations, diagnose, and advise the client. The skill level attained will place you at the top tier in the wellness field, if you complete all three levels. You will be the best – the very best. Enjoy the success and prosperity of a Master-class professional.

LIMITED OPPORTUNITY: If you want to learn this field, there has never been a better single opportunity than through this Master Medical Intuition course with world renown expert Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. Christian only takes in a small number of students in the MIT series.

If you are ready for this Opportunity, you can click to Order.  Or, see day-by-day details below.

If you are ready for this Opportunity, you can click to Order.  Or, see day-by-day details below.


Hats Off To You

You're the Real Deal.

You can forget the scrubs, and you are not going to need any sage, candles or hot rocks.  You can let your gray hair grow out, our you can be a San Francisco fashion statement - THE CHOICE IS YOURS.  Our MIT Graduate skills are based on techniques that are universal and they do not require any New Age, Zen, or modality thinking or accountramenss.  That said, you can continue to rent a corner at the local crystal store, or open your office in downtown Manhattan, or Phoenix - again, all this is your choice.  Work when you want, where your want and how you want - THERE IS NO IDENTITY to this work.  It is a learnable skill set, it is that simple.

However, given the extensiveness or an MIT's abilities, this can be a lucrative field of endeavor.  You are going to be able to accomplish things that others who call themselves Medical Intuitives couldn't even image doing.  We like our graduates to be successful.  We WANT you to take the big jobs, the hard jobs, the impossible jobs, and even those that baffle doctors.  That said, "Success" might be the style you are looking for.  Try out your new look

Click into the course details for day one.  Or, select the day you would like to review below.

Click into the course details for day one.  Or, select the day you would like to review below.








Begin development of your True Vision.

Differentiation and the power of using gray.

Bring psychic direction into your viewing.

Color training.

Color as an indicator in the body.

Color distinctions and their meaning.

Quick location of affected areas.

Learn to magnify, adjust.

See Bones in the body.

See structure in the body.

 See conditions of the body.

Learn multiple ways to validate results.  We must give accurate information..







Where to look, and why.

How to look, for most expedient results.

True Vision  enhancement.

Seeing the effect of nerve activity.

Detect scar tissue, surgeries, dead cells.

Ascertain age of conditions.

See organs in the body.

 Diagnose organ condition.

Don't be afraid of seeing Cancer, HIV and current hot-button issues.  

Differentiate between a normal and abnormal condition.







  True vision tuning to see microscopically.

See into the blood and diagnose conditions.

Detect Bacteria, Fungus, Virus conditions.

Are any health issues hiding?  Find them.

Whatever it is we can probably alleviate the condition.  Our contributions can save an organ, prevent an operation, fast-track healing.

Review 96 most common health conditions and how we can detect, diagnose and remedy them.

Seeing what doctors are missing.


You can ADD-ON another of our training Tracks

Consider Life Coaching

If your mind is able to imagine the difference between your Reality, and what you think your reality should have been, then the key exists to unlock a fantastic world of transformation.  

Skip MIT for just a moment, and go review the 3-dLIFE COACHING for consideration as an add-on to your customized Training schedule.