Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level Development

MIT III - day three

Why MIT is the Course for You


This program was created from the ground up to teach Medical Intuition specifically, (without a psychic focus) but it is not like any other class on Earth. This is a type of training that has not been conducted in thousands of years.

I had noticed in the past couple of years a high proportion of training candidates that are technically better suited to learn the esoteric arts by not using psychism. I spent some time focusing on the ancient means that approaches the healing arts without psychism, and with better results. It is based on a means of perceiving an energy so close to the physical body, the energy exists here, not somewhere “out there.” I had known of this means for decades because I use it myself, but also because I am enamored with the energy. It is the single most quintessential means to prove all other levels and dimensions of consciousness. It can be used to demonstrate and prove that all the conventionally considered higher dimensions and energies exist. Yes, it can, but nobody does this anymore. Now someone does, I personally conduct our new MIT – certified Master Medical Intuitive program. 

Instead of focusing on psychism in this series of classes, I take advantage of an oft overlooked nature ability in people who are simply drawn to “healing,” and to “Nature,” and those many who have an affinity for Angels and Nature People (aka Nature Spirits). There is no actual [skill] that you would have learned, per se, for this draw, it is something innate in some of us. These are the ones who should be interested in this MIT program – they owe it to themselves and the world to finally take society lightyears beyond the limitations of modern medicine. It would take conventional doctors years to accomplish what I can teach you to do in a half-hour to an hour with a client. I know, because thousands of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists and medical therapists have come to ME over the years. They tell me this same, literally. I want to teach my method to you.

This other [SPECIAL] ability necessitates the use of an energy that is [close to us], quite literally it is right here in the Physical Plane of Consciousness.  As such, using this energy [close to the body] to diagnose and view (just like an X-RAY, but with benefits] provides the highest possible means of diagnosis humanly possible. This “means”is not derived from the energy that psychic skills require, as the psychic energies are not of this Plane at all, they are of a higher, far-away, hard to relate to, level referred to as the Astral Plane. A fine skill if you are psychically attuned, but what if you are not?

The difference is essentially day and night. Although the medical intuition often associated with the psychic arts, and those taught in the last day of the conventional SOAR class is visual the way I teach it, and this sets SOAR apart from all other teachings in the country, …nonetheless, it uses location, and color, and the ability to psychically delineate occurrences over time to ascertain a person’s health condition. 

This works well and is well suited for those who are drawn to psychic arts. However, as indicated above, many people have no interest whatsoever in talking to people who have passed over to get messages, or to perceive meaning from that 14-dimensional world. Psychism, or the inability or lack of desire to use psychism gets in the way for these people, because they are only interested in “Wellness.” 

Instead, nature-oriented people who eschew psychism are inclined to [SENSE], clairsentiently, to feel naturally the pulse of the physical earth and nature, and relate to these things, and can delineate a feeling of wellness or illness, heaviness or lightness or find them drawn here or there in the body, as well as having an affinity to animals, alternative healing, massage, hair and nails beautician skills, tone and color therapies, other healing [modalities], Reiki, sending energy, laying on of hands, Nature People and Angels – they want to work Ætherically.

Ætheric seeing, sensing and diagnosing is technically the closest, and hence the easiest means to diagnose the body. Why, simply because it is so close to the human body. Sensing, however, has not been taught at this level for eons. In the MIT series of Medical Intuition classes I hone this skill to the [visible] level. In so doing, we can exceed the abilities of the psychic arts because we can see with an X-Ray vision, …we can see microscopically, and we can see actual living organisms in the body such as bacteria, fungus, anti-bodies, blood activity, bone density and fractures, nerve malfunctions in the bones, the tissues of every organ, and even chemical effects on the brain. This is not some come-on, this is extremely true and absolutely real! It has even been confirmed medially.

What is remarkable is that technically, this is a true natural ability, meaning anyone can learn to do this, it uses a part of our body that can do these things naturally, yet we don’t. What has happened over thousands of years is that it has been forgotten. 

To make this [natural ability] even more enticing, I should share that this means can actually be validated by science, too. Yes, science has proven and stated that this ability used to be commonplace, because it existed naturally in everybody. They say it was a quintessential ability that was necessary for millions of years, or mankind would not/could not possibly survive.


Course 3 is about performing extraordinary work at intensities VERY FEW people are ever even aware of – but this is the level that actually substantiates Medical Intuition as a new and better approach to health and wellness.


THAT's IT   We have presented the most capable, the most comprehensive Medical Intuitive  training available anywhere.  This is it - this is the best.  In only a matter of days you can literally start life with a total profession ready-to-go.  Do a great job - an excellent one, frankly.  Get the respect you deserve for your wisdom, skill and abilities.  Earn a very decent wage for your way above average skill set and delivery.

What MIT Can Do For You

Clairvoyant Medical Intuition

Did you know you can detect Cancer with someone/anyone in 3-seconds or less? And if they do have Cancer, and you must so advise, you can also show them how to reverse the condition in many cases, and in a very short period of time, and at almost no cost? Think of the thousand people pay now for treatment.

Did you know that ANY spiritual diagnosis you are inclined to deliver can be proven three different ways? And, that this proof is visible to you? And, these can be verified with the client. I want you to have certainty when you are conveying wellness advice.

Did you know it is possible to even see invisible things in the body? I have accurately diagnosed class chards in the body, and just recently asbestos. Things are not invisible with this new skill set.

Did you know that virus, bacteria, fungus and microbes are living things? They are, and this is why you can detect an abnormal growth because living things produce electricity – and you can see this in the body. I give you the system in my color illustrated manual.

Did you know you can visibly detect asthma and pneumonia, EVEN (and especially) if it occurred many decades ago? You can, and it is vital information. I give you the system in my color illustrated manual.

Did you know most illness is caused by something in your childhood? We become predisposed to conditions based on our childhood health. I give you the system in my color illustrated manual. 

Did you know that almost all health conditions cause a reaction in the blood? They do, and you will learn to determine good from bad, and what is in the blood that shouldn’t necessarily be, what is normal and not, even inherited conditions. I give you the system in my color illustrated manual.

Did you know that many if not most male Prostate operations can be eliminated – the prostate is not always the problem, and usually is not. It is something an MIT series graduate can learn to see in moments. I give you the system in my color illustrated manual.

You are taught the means for all of this, and you will get practice. But to perfect that skill set you will need to take the exercises that are provided between the three individual classes. These classes are not all lecture - absolutely not, that is not my method. Everything is taught interactively – you start working right away.

We are going to prepare you with a Manual, Techniques, Training, Examples, and a Solutions Book.

We are going to prepare you with a Manual, Techniques, Training, Examples, and a Solutions Book.

We See the Solution

In fact, in the psychic field this would be as serious as it gets. This program goes LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of what the field typically considers Medical Intuition to be. In fact, the general practice of Medical Intuition is irresponsible, uninformed, negligent and dangerous. CERTAINTY must be attainable when providing health instruction and diagnosis. THIS is the only way. Veritably, NO ONE has carried this ancient means forward. 

We play with dimensions, and with color ...with time and duration when we use Ætheric energy. Its power comes from the process that the physical comes from the Ætheric. Ah ha - that struck a nerve, yes? That's right, the Ætheric came first, and so it is A BLUEPRINT. Yet, it is real and dynamic. We have the option to see things AS THEY WERE, and AS THEY ARE NOW. Nothing compares to this.

We have the ability to FOCUS when we use this energy, like adjusting a microscope. We can also move the view AWAY from the patient - quite a nifty trick. With this energy (or force, or field), we can apply PSYCHIC FILTERS - much like what we do with space telescopes, we can ALTER what we want to see, and what we do not want to see. This provides a focus to match the MIT practitioners desired focus of attention.

Shocking, but true. All practitioners either get a subjective [impression] in their head/mind's eye, or they use some limits form of Clairvoyance. Christian Toren has found NO ONE in the United States who understands how Medical Intuition is supposed to work. On that basis alone, the MIT program is one of the most beautiful gifts that true spiritual psychism can bring to the world today.

This is serious work for the serious practitioner. This IS NOT an ability that has been written about in any of the Ancient Wisdom works – or so far, it has never been discovered. Dr. Christian is also a recognized Master Claircognizant, and this high ability has served him well over the decades to glean the remiss or missing information from the ancient writings.



We've Worked Out the Most Common Issues

Once you have your diagnosis you will find the Database and the analysis of the 96 most common health conditions extremely valuable.  Christian is going to show you the difference in how doctors view the problem and how an MIT graduate approaches it.  We are going to address the CAUSE, not just the symptoms.  We will reduce the process to a rather fascinating small set of core issues, ones that we already know how to approach and treat (or recommend).  Your clients will be able to leave with a solution in hand.

You will find it a true gift to be able to reduce common problems to this smaller set where we have the solutions.  There is also a total rationale to what we are doing, and the symptoms the client has complained about are all being addressed too.  Everyone will envy your ability to solve real problems with real solutions.

Key Note

The MIT Graduate has learned at least three (3) ways to validate their diagnosis, and these will be run by the Client.  This validation, and theirs will give you the accuracy, and the confidence to do this important work.

Learn the business from the ground up

We Wrote the Manual

Learn the Business From the Ground Up

One of the great things we can add to our course is some practical Business startup advice.  We will be offering you advice, resources, instruction on how to get your new business started.  We will go over your products and services, pricing structure, advertising, developing a website and how to draw in your initial clients.

There are specific ways that tend to work best for this practice and we want to discuss your options with you.  The intent is to get you started RIGHT AWAY.

You receive a very large printed manual in the MIT series.  In addition to the hundreds of pages of MIT medical intuition training materials, there will be sections with all of the great Business Start-up information printed out for your subsequent use.

Learn More

christian|TOREN under Myst of the Oracle has his/their own Expos.  This is a great way for you and the other practitioners in the class get started right away delivering your services to a variety of people who attend the expo.  It's your business ...get a booth, we'll place some ads for you, you should promote on your Social Media, and show up at the event.  Sell your services at the show and start delivering your wisdom, its that easy.  At these expos, however, you have the comfort of your fellow students, and others from SOAR being there, and Chris and Christian will be there as well.

MIT III - day 3


  •  True vision tuning to see microscopically.
  • See into the blood and diagnose conditions.
  • Detect Bacteria, Fungus, Virus conditions.
  • Are any health issues hiding?  Find them.
  • Whatever it is we can probably alleviate the condition.  Our contributions can save an organ, prevent an operation, fast-track healing.
  • Review 96 most common health conditions and how we can detect, diagnose and remedy them.
  • Seeing what doctors are missing.

Come let us show you what we mean.