Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level Development

MIT II - day two

Diagnose The Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

We cannot rely heavily on what the Client believes their health condition is, nor let their issue be defined by their expressed symptoms.  The Master Medical Intuitive will listen, but they will follow with their own HEAD-TO-TOE Health Scan.  As will be explored in class, the body is composed of Systems, and there is a connection between these.  There is also a movement, a direction of illness that creates inherent dependencies.

There is more  to the systematic operation of the body.  The first is a premise - that an individual's body was literally "intended" to break down a specific way.  Things may seem random, but they are not.  The MIT Graduate knows this, knows what to look for, and will determine the break-down plan you were born with.  This will be correlated with the symptoms the Graduate systematically sees.  Then those will be related to the patient's complaints to demonstrate that their health is predictable.  That said, and presumed, the MIT Graduate Master Medical Intuitive can proceed to both diagnose, and to treat.  Essentially, they want to insert themselves into the master break-down plan, and change it.  Inferences of this methodology has actually already been demonstrated in medical laboratories, but unfortunately, the miracle stops there.  The MIT Master Intuitive alters the Plan, and therefore, alters the health.  The process now becomes "predictive" as the Intuitive guides the client into an entirely new health plan.

SEEING IS BELIEVING: The MIT graduate is like no other medical intuitive - we have the ability to see.   We can even see across time.  Knowing the past, truly, will determine the future.  The past is where all the trouble started, though few would ever realize this.  It starts slow. It is subtle.  But surely, you are going to age and break down according to your Plan.  MIT Intuitives use "sight" to very quickly get an entire health picture - past, present and future.  It will all seem like we are simply seeing inside the body - but that is merely the part that is easy to convey.

More importantly, we must see inside the body without getting distracted by the outside appearance or verbalized condition. We must visually see what the energy of the body is showing us. This energy is consistent from person-to-person, and the characteristics are a virtual Universal Language, so you can depend on it. This consistency is what gives the MIT graduate their confidence. People may be different, but the conditions are energetically consistent. 

Your best reward will come when you can transform your client. They will literally look, feel and be different. You may even have the privilege of saving someone's life. This occurs. But, it is because the MIT graduate is looking for "the Cause" of illness and is not distracted by symptoms. The MIT graduate wants healing for the “cause” and all the client’s symptoms.

Learn More

Learn to make SEEING your primary skill.  A picture tells a thousand words, ...but we're going for the movie.

Start Now for A Brighter Future

She's Young, But She Has Her Head Screwed on Right


Never before has there been so perfect a time to "break into" an emerging medical modality. 

The current state of Medical Intuition is about to change the dynamic of how we do Health! And christian|TOREN is leading the pack with a multitude of multi-disciplined professionals that are not hindered by modern social limitations. Whatever your age, whatever your background, whatever your situation, gender, location or belief system the Master Medical Intuition course is your FastTrack to purposeful success.

Although based on a new re-discovery, your past profession(s) and technical proficiencies are not determining factors for qualification. It is new in ITS ENTIRETY. You may have been an RN or health professional. You may have experience in New Age modalities or Wellness Centers. You may have been either a Psychologist or a Psychic Medium. OR NOT! You could have been a Kindergarten teacher – it won’t matter. The training you need for this career change is going to be delivered in class. 

You can sign-up now, or continue reading to see the details of the learning process.

You can sign-up now, or continue reading to see the details of the learning process.

What the Gallery is Showing You

First shown are some graphics as they might be presented typically on the Internet or on printed pages. Following, the images are altered to better show the simpler expression the eyes will see with MIT's true vision. 

The colors and shades ARE THEMSELVES INFORMATION. These colors are Universal in their meaning, and this is what helps you achieve accuracy in your diagnosis. For example, certain colors also help you determine the age of conditions. Also, an MIT student can determine a REAL health condition vs a psychosomatic condition being made by the client’s perspective or expectation. “Everyone in the family has had Cancer, therefore I MUST have it too.”

Nerve issues can be seen, especially if physical. If a person was on an antidepressant, then that too be seen (even if it was in the past). Inherited health conditions during childhood can sometimes be determined. Cancer can be detected easier than one might expect – energetically it has distinctive characteristics. Digestive issues can be determined and analyzed with amazing historical and current detail. Allergies can be indicated through the True Vision taught in this class - Imbalances will reveal themselves in the blood. A trained student will even know if you have left the country, and when, …and sometimes they can indicate where. Individual tolerances are automatically accounted for – Science and Medicine can’t do that. Certain colors or their combinations can be used to distinguish actual causal issues from past and current symptoms – future ones can be forecast.

Not shown but possible is to extend the above methods to play "What If" with medicines under review. Current medicines can be reviewed in visual correlation with the client to see if THEY are the cause of the main issue, or health symptoms. 

Results are relative to THE CLIENT, not a database. Their tolerances and also their predispositions are inherently factored in. This kind of information is fast and incredibly useful as quintessential guidance in determining treatment recommendations.


You've Got A Lot to Learn



Master Medical Intuition has its own methodology, techniques, method, logic and skill set. Fortunately for all, these are so deeply based on inherent abilities in humans that almost anyone of any age or background can master it. And what other career training can be taught in three days? Probably none. 

If you can see, are mobile, and can talk in English, you are ready to start. An affinity for color will be helpful, as will any form of creativity that metaphorically allows you to “color outside of the lines” instead of being a strict rule follower. If you like to learn using visual demonstrations to convince you, and group participation, vs academic studies and submitting written reports than this course is for you. This is a dream career. 

It does help if you can relate to the pain and suffering of others.  If you are familiar with affirmaties, limitations, endless treatment regiments, mobility troubles, dependencies, frustrations then these would be helpful.  You will better understand how to relate to clients.  We, however, are not trying to perpetuate these, we want to eliminate them entirely.

Based on an Ancient Method

This method used to be taught to the ancients who could neither read or write. Christian Toren is also looking for your intent to understand a demonstrated method where you can repeat the process by following some simple and literally FUN rules. No other opportunity out there can bring you a life changing opportunity that just works naturally. You will be helping people and you will be making a big difference. You will be delivering insight that follows an established standard, which ensures your confidence level. You will even be helping field professionals who have been unable to see the obvious cause for illness and discomfort. Another confidence booster.

Be clear, this is a very profitable field. And it is a professional field. There is no hiding in dark corners of the Crystal store. You will boldly setup at local expos and fairs, typically on weekends, to deliver the bulk of your work. Many will want to continue the process during the week at home, or at some space in a spiritual bookstore, psychic shop, wellness center – these things are your choice. It is the CHOICE to work where you want and the way you want that we intend to point out, but you will derive the same success you could derive from many other legitimate professions. 

What This Day Entails



  • Where to look, and why.
  • How to look, for most expedient results.
  • True Vision  enhancement.
  • Seeing the effect of nerve activity.
  • Detect scar tissue, surgeries, dead cells.
  • Ascertain age of conditions.
  • See organs in the body.
  • Diagnose organ condition.
  • Don't be afraid of seeing Cancer, HIV and current hot-button issues.  
  • Differentiate between a normal and abnormal condition.

Take the Next Step

It's time to bring it all together, then double it two times over.  Most people have no comprehension at all of true Master Medical Intuition.  You will now have the ability to solve medical dilemmas , see missing information, see solutions others can not.