Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level Development

MEDIUMSHIP - day two

Communication Skills Like No Other


TAKE LEVEL 2 to become expert. Level 2 is beyond what 90% of people experience from psychics. [THIS] is why they really come to a psychic counselor - WISDOM. Instead of entertaining them, HELP THEM. At this level you become MASTERFUL!

You will know with certainty that you are a truly gifted Clairvoyant, Healer, Medium, and Channel. There are actual truths and facts in this art – and you will learn them all.

You will genuinely SEE life into other realms, you WILL do so right in class. You will learn to WORK with these other realms for the benefits they can provide. You will learn HOW to communicate and interact – these realms are DIFFERENT than our own, and so require some very specific training to understand communication from a 14- dimensional Astral world, and the 256- dimensional Heavenly world.

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Learn to make SEEING your primary skill.  A picture tells a thousand words, ...but we're going for the movie.

Only YOU are in the limited Realm

Connect High to pick up things of meaning


Connect “HIGH” – the Higher Self, Ascended Masters and even Archangels. Then come down to the Astral and get messages from the Other Side to provide guidance.

Picking up a random thought or word from the "Other Side" is not what we mean by Mediuimship.  You must establish a true connection where substantive and useful conversation can occur in order to deliver messages and insights that can change the course and life of your client.  As with all of our courses, we come from the perspective that we are [problem solvers.]  We bring solutions. 

Solutions may be "closure" as if most often demonstrated on TV.  But, in reality, life on the "Otherside" wants to set things straight, they may want to take ownership, they may want to define you finally, they may want to give you insights you have missed in life that they can now deliver without hindrances from their own life.  

[They] may find things like Wills, objects, or even missing people in your life.  They can also help you find your way.  Sometimes, they help you on your Ascension by assisting in removing barriers that THEY may have introduced.  If they see some greater Path for you, then they will want to advise.

Other realms can be Nature Spirit realms, Angelic, the realm of Ascended Masters, and can even include the highest obtainable by you, that of the Archangels.  In this case special opportunities await your client, and you will be called upon to deliver the insight as you get it, and let the client fill in the individualized meaning that only they would understand.

Mediumship is where "Insight" starts taking on real meaning.  IT SHOULD be a catalyst for change.  Change is one of the vary great gifts we can bring our clients - we just have to show them what it is, why it is there for them, what they will be up against, and how to succeed.  And always, they will need to know how this all applies to their true Higher Path.

You are the doorway to the other realms for your client - only you, with your specialized training, will let you deliver the messages in the right way, in the right words, at the right time, and in a convincing way.  CHANGE is at the heart of mediumship - life, humans anything and everything only grow through an initial process of change.  This means overcoming blocks, limitations and fears - both for you, and your client.  We teach this, you're going to love it.  Mediumship is how the psychic, medium and clairvoyant themselves grow - insight is given to you in the process of helping your client.  THIS IS A GIVEN.

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We must first give you the foundation for Mediumship.  It works a rather precise way, for particular reasons using very well established means and in known informative and demonstrable ways.  Learn these as your premise.

Clairvoyant Mediumship

FIVE STARS *****   Even at this mediumship level we are introducing a solid root in clairvoyance.  What you [see] can provide many full avenues to other meaning and insight.  Don't just listen, for example, get where they are coming from.  Pictures, visuals, action, movement can all add 10 times greater depth to your communication, and even more importantly, the "How To" of the solutions you bring the client.

christian|TOREN teaches his clairvoyant techniques "Eyes Open."  You will  learn to see FOR REAL!  This is not just some imagination or vision in your head.  You must learn to see this way because your mediumship is a dynamic process, anything that happens in your receipt of messages or their delivery is PART OF THE MESSAGE.  There is extensive visual symbology going on.  It can also be through sound.  With our techniques you will be operating at a level that is at minimum 5x what can be gleaned from any other development courses.  We will be using the true ancient ways because every student in the class must be able to get the same messages, meaning and symbols - the class is self-validating.

Your teacher, Christian Toren himself, can and will see right through your eyes as you work.  He will be able to detect and fix a block or deterrent instantly.  EVERYONE SUCCEEDS!  That is the goal.  He knows going in you will have confidence issues, that is WHY he teaches techniques.  His graphic first impression technique is so amazing, so functional, so [universal] in its meaning, any other student in the class could deliver your insights for you without you saying a word (and this WILL be demonstrated.)  This is to show you with certainty that the techniques do work, they work every time, and you WILL be accurate if you stay out of your conscious thinking mind and use mediumship the way it was intended.


Some students are good candidates for "Channeling."  Technically, channeling refers to connecting with spiritual life that is very HIGH.  This can be people in Heaven, but more often refers to Guides, Ascended Masters and then at the highest, Archangels.

Star Seeds

Mediumship, especially with the clairvoyant component may be your only way of seeing alien life in other worlds.  Those higher realms are all-inclusive - GET READY!  We mention it, though, because our class draws a lot of people who are [different].  They all have a particular set of telling characteristics that define them, the Star Seeds, and this can be life changing.  But too, you will have clients who have these traits.  What is extremely unique is where the clients Master Guide normally comes in for every person, Star Seeds will visually bring in a different (and DIFFERENT LOOKING) Guide.  Hours of conversation could ensue between  you and your client on this one detection alone.  You client who has always felt alienated in the world will learn why, and most importantly to them, they will learn to understand WHY THEY ARE HERE.  All Star Seeds have this yearning.  They will also come to understand why they were born with some key "talents," ...they serve a purpose, a shockingly surprising purpose at that.  HEADS UP FOLKS, it is not past 2012.  These things are supposed to happen now, but no one was prepared.  We WILL prepare you - you've got real work to do.

It takes no effort to transfer this means to traditional clients and pick up on their Master Guide, and other guides, and get inferences, meaning and messages from them.  These are crucial superior persons to your clients and the mere imagery of them, for example the way they dress, and their mannerisms and speaking examples will in itself define how they are trying to help your client.  AND, you client will agree 100%.  You will come to learn that virtually all persons simply ignore 99.9% of the guidance and information being given them - you, however, will be SENSITIVE.

Making Order out of Disorder

Autism, Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, Post-traumatic Stress disorder, Psychotic disorders, Substance Abuse, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Anxiety, Bipolar Affective disorder, Schizophrenia, Psychoses, Dementia, Depression, Substance Abuse, Personality disorders, Impulse Control disorders ...BUT YOU NEVER GUESSED these fit into our Master Mediumship course?  They all exist or exhibit themselves for a reason, but dollars to donuts they are all going to be misdiagnosed in the real world.  HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SOLVE REAL PROBLEMS?  Technically these conditions are demonstrably indicative of OTHER THINGS, things almost no one would have ever guessed or surmised.  But, in spirituality, we actually understand these for what they are.  AND, ... these are alterable conditions once the truth comes out.

Many people take the course because these things have affected them, their families or their lives - and they just want mastery over it.  That's just fine, BUT, ...there is also so incredible wisdom behind these symptoms, they mean something and the will literally define a/the person in a very HIGH way.  IT IS TECHNICALLY THE WORLD that has a problem, not them ....they are just trying to cope.  You have MUCH TO LEARN from the Mediumship course.

We can speak to anyone

Television shows we can communicate with those that have crossed over.  WELL, it is just as easy to make this communication with the living - actually, there is no difference.  Where we offer a difference is that we can ALSO SEE.  And, our communication is beyond the limitation of the physical reality we currently live in.  Therefore, we can get some practical solutions out of this ability.

Take the Next Step

It's time to bring it all together, then double it two times over.  Most people have no comprehension at all of true Master Clairvoyance.  You will now have the ability to solve any problem, know any answer, see any thing.