Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level Development

MIT I - day one

You Have Beautiful Eyes - For a Reason

We as humans currently exhibit a kind of selective dementia. This is actually an evolutionarily, yet involuntary, choice carried out over a great expanse of time. We simply think X-Ray vision (now coupled with psychic management) is a fantasy. It is not, and this has been scientifically proven. Their professional results will be presented in class. Yet, even the said experts have failed to see an extended application of this ability inherent in all humans, one that is no longer utilized. Repeat – IT IS THERE, it simply is not used. 

This might be begrudgingly understood given the known mentality of science and medicine who both have a controlled and “future sales” agenda-based goal and approach to their research. They have not realized that the absent physical, metaphysical and psychic management ability is a game-changer. The failing would likely be that neither science nor medicine accepts psychism. This latter component is not a necessity of the aforementioned vision - that part is inherent, though it lies silent. However, IT IS what gives meaning and power to the aspired ability of Medical Intuition. 

This is all the more remarkable in that clues to this ability, and empirical evidence of its use, was bountiful until the late 1800's. What happened? …TOO MUCH SCIENCE got in the way. God does NOT make mistakes! There was NO waste in our design. The human direction to create medicine and science is/was not an element of the Divine Plan. No, that was simply a choice of modern, evolving civilization. A human’s inherent ability to diagnose and heal is, however, a part of the Deific design.

Science was likely, but it was not meant to explain away the inherent absolute ancient wisdom, …it was meant to explain it! Because scientific "catch-up" has always been anticipated, this mishap has been condoned, spiritually. However, there is a point where ignorance can become dangerous - and right now, the world NEEDS to re-learn that which it has forgotten. Modern progress tends to consume time, and the dangers of today's progress is we are running out of time when it comes to the subject and experience of bad health. We are getting unwell faster than we can get better.

Christian Toren uniquely has put together the esoteric wisdom components and will gladly use science and scientific method in training you on your missing INHERENT ABILITIES.

Results You Can See

It is better to arm one's doctors and physicians with a wealth of demonstrable data to mitigate this misuse of time and treatment. And also true, some people will not use conventional doctors, so spiritual insight is, at minimum the only understanding of their health, and its improvement.

Would you call Dr. Christian Toren Msc.D's revival of the ancient spiritual wisdom and its attendant techniques A MIRACLE? Probably not, so we'll do it for you. But you can come and see it and experience it for yourself, and then go out and put it to use as a trained and Certified Master Medical Intuitive. 


We See Structure, and Color Conditions

STOP THE BULLYING! Science and Medicine are perspectives, not facts. Both Science and Medicine are the new kids on the block. An actual FACT! 

A few hundred to even a few thousand years is nothing compared to the inherent faculties of “Man” over many millions of years. Man survived almost the entirety of its existence without either field existing. And a million years from now both fields will likely cease to exist. There are innate abilities in Man to survive, and Health is a quintessential component of this ability.

These fields don’t acknowledge the esoteric capability in man because “they cannot prove the existence of “God,” they say. Whose problem is that? They could if they wanted to. The science fields explain everything as a result of a theory that the Universe started with the Big Bang. Great. Wonderful. Something had to precede that cosmic event. Well, THAT is God. 

ps:  Use whatever metaphor you prefer for unknowable God, the Absoluteness or "the Universe."

Click now to discover the diagnosing ability you will learn in MIT II, day two, or continue reading.

Click now to discover the diagnosing ability you will learn in MIT II, day two, or continue reading.


We Blend a True Vision With Psychic Control

Additional Information

Today the ancient vision has even greater implication and use than before.  Christian Toren has found that when he draws upon [other] esoteric Ancient Wisdom, and further combines that with

[the correct] means of using psychic abilities, THEN combines it with the special vision we have complete and accurate medical intuitive abilities that are based on VISUAL proof.  But very importantly, other students and practitioners can reproduce the same results, ...repeatedly.  This unusual take on scientific method makes this training the most significant advance in Wellness in the world today.

Today, it is closer to a miracle ability.  And it can be taught with special training.  We can visibly ascertain a clients PAST health history, and use it to understand their TOTAL health issues of this day, not just symptoms.  

We can literally see inside the body to ascertain its condition anywhere inside because we are now able to get visible feedback from all affected areas on "what is wrong?" "when did it happen?", "How is the body reacting to the condition?" and "what can be done to remedy an illness condition?"  We can do this consistently.  Everyone trained can activate this ability.  Every student will exercise, practice and then demonstrate this skill repeatedly in class. Students will derive consistent results, IN MINUTES, they will be reasoned, demonstrable and accurate.  No one is selling snake oil here, this is a factual ability that humans have simply forgot they had, it HAS been proven by both medicine and science.  The most amazing thing is simply THAT WE FORGOT WE COULD DO THIS.  

We do have medical professionals that take this class and you will likely have one or more in the class you take.  They enter the most skeptical, but the also validate the results every hour of the training days.  This is real!  We are most pleased to help doctors, specialists, therapists and practitioners of all types understand almost instantaneously conditions that have alluded modern practices, ... or to at least produce results today, not years from now.

Ready to Learn

The Opportunity awaits you to turn this one 3-day weekend into a life changing transitional event.

Special People Require Special Training

If you are ready, you can Order now.

Real Experience


You will be exploring many techniques and preforming exercises the moment the class starts.  Years have gone into ways to circumvent your brain's natural tendency to block esoteric abilities.  Christian Toren has methods that defeat the brain's interference - everyone STARTS OFF with success.


Although sight is the main modality we will be using in this series, there are still a number of abilities that will facilitate your intuition.  This is a medical "tool kit" that will server you through all 3 days, and long into your career as a professional Master Medical Intuitive.


Everything is essentially an energy.  But you HAVE to know which kind, where you are picking it up, why you are sensing it, what the state of it is, what you may need to do about it, AND you must sense, feel, hear, see - ALL OF THEM!

Results From Day 1



  • Begin development of your True Vision.
  • Differentiation and the power of using gray.
  • Bring psychic direction into your viewing.
  • Color training.
  • Color as an indicator in the body.
  • Color distinctions and their meaning.
  • Quick location of affected areas.
  • Learn to magnify, adjust.
  • See Bones in the body.
  • See structure in the body.
  • See conditions of the body.
  • Learn multiple ways to validate results.  We must give accurate information..

Take the next step

Now that you can literally see that you are getting real information, you will need to diagnose the conditions of the body.