Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level Development

Certified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level DevelopmentCertified Master-Level Development

PSYCHISM - day one

It all starts with a foundation in Psychism

Most psychism today is not psychism at all - its intuition.  We want to change that.  Psychism requires that you can see energy.  You must see depth in it, and discern color, which has specific universal meaning.  Due to the way the brain [processes], the position, location and size will prove accuracy that you can count on.  You must be able to use these to measure time, calculate dates - and both time locations in the past and the future.  You need to be able to instantly find three (3) ways or more to substantiate your impression, which is definitely possible.  You MUST be able to immediately determine True from False, as it is quintessential to determining fact from fiction.  Further, you must learn a way to perform psychism directly through your subconscious, NOT your thinking conscious mind.  ALL OF THIS is doable.  All of this will be done in day one.  Everyone will be able to follow along and agree, or otherwise get the same results.  

Day one creates an actual psychic skill set – a basis that sets the stage for amazing abilities to follow. You will complete this day able to go head-to-head and best contemporary psychics. You will be tested repeatedly in class in various ways to ensure competency, and for all techniques and protocols.  This will ensure complete confidence and proficiency – even after you leave the event.

Christian Toren trains you to go out and WORK. He was a professional trainer in his business past and knows how to conduct you onto a bullet-train of psychic development to your final destination.

You follow your training with a month of field-work, FOR REAL. You will try out your skill set repeatedly with the same excellent results. Then you will bring that skill set and experience to Day two where you will develop, learn and experience the true clairvoyant “realm of existence” – where the real magic occurs, where magic is simply knowledge, and where the impossible is how you start your day.

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EVERYONE should be able to view the special graphic illustrations we teach you have to produce and derive the same Reading.  And, you must always be correct.  YES - WE CAN DO THIS!  

This is actual psychism, and it is ancient.  It works.  It is reliable.  You can count on it, and so, YOU WILL gain confidence.  

This will translate into customers, repeat business, referrals and an actual decent wage for your services.  YOU WILL SOAR, not coast.  You will be unbeatable.  You will become Certified as a Master Psychic in day one alone.  And just think, you have two more days to go.


Learn to be the Real Deal

Train to be a genuine professional. No guessing, no gimmicks, no tools or devices. You will learn to instantly use all-natural gifts; which Christian will bring out in you. Intense work builds success.

Christian Toren has a background as both a professional teacher, and a professional Mentor. 

The block to psychic ability is intended …UNTIL, one wants to go beyond the protective limits of Physical world reality, and back to a more natural experience of awareness, without limitations. Christian Toren knows exactly what it takes to remove that block that was instilled into everyone, so they could live in a box.

After completing the Master Clairvoyance development course, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH ANY BASE PROTOCOL IN PSYCHISM – and will be able to function as a professional. You CAN go into business, and you CAN charge a premium rate. You can potentially achieve success on par with almost any other field.



What Your Training Entails

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Real Experience


Everybody is ON-STAGE, all the time. Your confidence level will soar, when you experience yourself performing like a professional, working with other professionals, and being evaluated by professionals.



Many forms of psychism will be experienced. These include psychometry, intuition, telepathy and the general perceptions of psychism. There are considerable “systems” that can be inferred since there are “laws” which govern the other realms. You will be provided numerous charts

and diagrams, and working tools, methodologies – and a skill set that I instantly repeatable. You are READY TO GO the moment you are required to go into psychic mode.


Everything is essentially an energy.  But you HAVE to know which kind, where you are picking it up, why you are sensing it, what the state of it is, what you may need to do about it, AND you must sense, feel, hear, see - ALL OF THEM!


The actual fears of learning the field is the "Unknown."  Our course eliminates the unknown because everything is discoverable, but there are quite a few "techniques" you must master.  Only in this way can you always be right.  As well, you need techniques to get a [volume] of information coming in so you can fill out a 1/2 hour to an hour with meaningful insights and direction.

Accuracy is where we start ...perfection is where you end up.  Only the "ancient ways" provide the technique and means to achieve these.  This is fundamental to the course.


At the Master level we are not entertainers.  We do not simply pick up random disjointed things out of thin air.  We pick up tracks, insights to real issues and concerns, and we seek to solve them and direct our clients to wholeness, happiness and fulfillment of their dreams.

A Simple Rundown

  • ENERGY – how to detect energy
  • DISCERN – determine meaning, intensity, location, measurement, and the effect
  • PSYCHOMETRY – we teach how to distinguish one object from another
  • SENSITIVE – Become sensitive to EVERYTHING.  Interactive training, Sensing Chart
  • INTUITION – Learn to use the sub-conscious mind for 10x the accuracy.
  • NAMES – Ascertain letters and names, and their meaning. Chart
  • CLAIRSENTIENCE – How to determine and measure how you feel.  What does it actually mean?
  • PSYCHIC (via modalities) – intensive interactive training and testing
  • EXISTENCE - what are you picking up, from when, from where, which life, Past, Present, Future
  • CLAIRAUDIENCE – Did you hear it?  Sense of from who, when and why.  WHERE is it from.
  • TELEPATHY – animal, Nature People, Angel training and testing. 
  • SKILL SET – determine what your particular skill set is.  No your Niche.

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Now you must know how to connect with MANY realms, and initiate then carry out effective communication